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Ayanda spends a day with K Naomi on Top Billing

Top Billing sky dives with K Naomi

Media personality and entrepreneur K Naomi is a multidimensional star with an edgy style and a drive to succeed at anything she touches.

Top Billing K Naomi

Ayanda sat down with the star and her sister Thato at the beautiful Fairlawns Boutique Hotel & Spa in Sandton to hear all about her inspiring success story. The sisters were raised by their mother whose recent passing has made them resilient and strengthened their bond.

According to Thato, Naomi’s star was always set to rise, but the thing she is most proud of is her sister’s desire to give back wherever she can, and making sure to partner with campaigns that drive social awareness. This also lead to her partnering with Global Citizen as an advocate and nutrition champion.

Top Billing K Naomi

As a well experienced actress and model, all eyes are often on what Naomi chooses to wear. Instead of hiring a team of stylists to make sure she looks great, Naomi is involved in the creation of her own clothes, and works closely with her designer to make sure she is always dressed as authentically (and stylishly) as possible.  

Top Billing K Naomi

This creative side is an important part of her life and in her quieter moments alone, she has a passion for drawing and listening to music. She is also a natural dancer, and her dancing repertoire stretches from hip hop to ballet.

While known for being active (she gave our own Ayanda Thabethe a difficult time at the gym) Naomi has a taste for thrills which ranges from ice-skating and paint-balling to go-karting.

Top Billing K Naomi

In fact, she took the Top Billing crew along when she decided it was time to face her fear of sky diving. Jumping from 11 000 feet and moving at roughly 220kms an hour, it was intimidating, but Ayanda and K did it together!

Top Billing K Naomi

K Naomi is a young woman who’s proven she can turn challenges into opportunities. A non-conformist and a realist, she continues to surprise people and even helped Ayanda to surprise herself.

K Naomi


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