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“Smokey eyes” like Kim Kardashian

Top Billing brings you Celebrity Looks: Kim Kardashian
Planning a big night out on the town?
Then why not give yourself the “Smokey eye” effect like Kim Kardashian...

The “Smokey eye” is a timeless, definitive look that never goes out of fashion, it’s also Kim’s signature look.
This look focuses on the eyes. Here are some easy steps to create this look:


Step 1:  apply your eye primer all over the eyelid; you can use your fingers to pat it in till it is smooth.

Step 2:  with your blending brush, apply the lighter colour eye shadow all over the eyelid up until the brow bone creating a shimmering glow, then place the darker shade onto the eyelid as well as smudging below the lower eyelashes.
The trick is to blend the eyelid by doing circular motions until the eye shadow is even and smooth. Focus should be on creating the desired contrast between the lighter brow area and the “Smokey” shaded eyelid.

Step 3: generally you will use an eye pencil for this step. But in order to achieve the Kim Kardashian look, I would suggest using a liquid eyeliner on the top of  the lash line, this creating the bolder, more dramatic eyes illustrated in the picture above. Follow this by using the eye pencil on the bottom inner lid.

This step is finished by smudging the bottom pencil liner into the lash line with an eye shadow brush which will maximise the mysteriously sexy and sultry appeal of the “Smokey eye” effect.

Step 4:  to finish the eye you need to apply volumizing mascara to your top and bottom lashes.  Don’t be afraid to apply a lot of mascara as this look is all about the eye and the more profound the better!

Lastly, you need to compliment the eyes by finishing the look with a liquid foundation, powder blush and a lipstick.


It’s not wrong to apply your foundation before you begin to work on your eyes, but I suggest applying it at this point because you may find that when creating the “Smokey eye” effect the eye shadow has a tendency to drop onto your cheeks, which means a further touch is required.

Kim Kardashian favours an illuminating foundation which gives her skin that healthy glow.

Powder Blush:

Sweep on powder blush from the apple of the cheeks to the temples with a fluffy blush brush.

Finish off your glowing canvas with a dash of pearly, pale-pink shimmer (you can use an eye shadow of the same shade) on the cheekbones, temples, outer and inner corners of the eye, and underside of the brows.

This technique picks up light and will emphasize the bone structure of your face

Use a touch of natural/nude lipstick without lining the lips, or a just a drop of lip-gloss, this will help balance the look.

A look that is sultry, sexy and irresistibly kissable like Kim Kardashian.

Article by: The Beauty Bulletin Editor Melissa Ovenstone

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