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1000 reasons to get married in South Africa

1000 reasons to get married in South Africa

These are some of the questions that we regularly have to answer regarding South Africa as a popular wedding destination.

Did you notice an increase over the last few years in UK citizens getting married in South Africa? (What other nationalities do you cater for?)

Jean-Pierre Uys

We have definitely had an increase in couples from across the globe opting to tie the knot in our picturesque country. Our gorgeous landscape, variety of stunning locations – coupled with a strong exchange rate - have seen international couples flock to South Africa in the last few years. We have coordinated weddings for couples from the UK, the United States of America, and even as far as Dubai.


Why is South Africa a popular wedding destination for the UK? (What has it more than, for example, Mauritius or Maldives?)

When choosing a location for a destination wedding, many couples from the UK choose South Africa as our gorgeous country has an abundance of stunning locations to choose from. Our beautiful oceans, majestic mountain ranges and enticing Winelands – the options are endless.  Not only are many of our wedding locations of the highest international standards, South Africa is truly a remarkable destination, set apart from other international weddings locations due to the warm hospitable nature of our people and meticulous attention to detail. Our Mediterranean climate and lushious natural flora makes South Africa the perfect wedding destination – 365 days a year. By choosing South Africa as their wedding destination, couples can escape into the heart of authentic Africa in style.


What kind of weddings do UK citizens mainly ask for? Small and intimate?  Big and luxurious?

A definite trend has been established recently for couples to elope. There has therefore been a rise in the number of requests we receive for more intimate weddings. Of course, this is not always the case! Many couples do opt for a more extravagant, larger wedding. Regardless of the size of the wedding, The Aleit Group coordinates each affair with meticulous attention to detail and elegant special touches.

Where do they typically want to hold their wedding?

The Aleit Group has coordinated weddings for international couples at a variety of exquisite venues – all across South Africa. The Western Cape is however definitely the region of choice for most couples. Intimate beach weddings to three-day celebrations in the Cape Winelands, we’ve had requests for them all. We, at The Aleit Group firmly believe that each wedding should be a unique expression of the couple’s personalities and thus our weddings reflect individuality and originality - at any given venue.


What is the average age of couples getting married overseas?

Our international couples are generally more mature, generally between the ages of 26 and 38. Many of these couples opt to fund their weddings themselves, and we thus find them to be more established - within their careers as well as financially.


Photographer: Jean-Pierre Uys 

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