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A Day at the Races

J&B Met on Top Billing

A Day at the Races

Year on year, the J&B Met tops the event calendar for glitz and glam and as usual, Top Billing was there to capture it all to ensure you share in the fun of all the race day action! Join Jo-ann and the Top Billing team as we make sure you don’t miss a moment!


J&B Met

Top Billing winner at J&B Met

Top Billing's J&B Met Ticket winner shares her experience:

It’s 5am Saturday morning and the weather isn’t friendly in Joburg, Sam is already outside just waiting for my entrance. OR Tambo check ourselves in, at this moment I haven’t had breakfast, disoriented and still in disbelief of what’s going on in my world. Arrange something to nibble on being a coffee and muffin now I don’t do nibbles I have to eat due to my braces (I love my food), get into the plane two hour later I AM IN CAPE TOWN, reality sinks in now a time sheet, hotel, make up, shooting with Jo-Ann now at that moment I’m star struck so I start screaming inside where no one can see or hear me.
Arrive at 15 on Orange walk in and my jaw drops at this point my little all star player (inner me) says to me please behave yourself you have make up and to be ready for set with Jo-Ann, I walk into room 506 and the team is ready Patricia (I’m not to sure of the spelling because of how you pronunciation), Buddy, David and the camera man. Given the 411 and there she walks in friendly, ever smiling introducing herself now at this moment I know who she is, I know how to spell her name and I have read about her profile but I won’t got star struck on this woman for she has a job to do and I have my dream come true to live up to the best of my ability.

Lights, camera and action I’m cruising and adding my 2cents of value to the set, improvising after all I have been on set so I am aware of what will occur. I do my interview with Jo-Ann in between we share laughter and all is well. We’re done with everything I’m in my dress, the make up, shoes and last but not least the hat though it has a name that I don’t know of, but I’m starving how I could concentrate still amazes me.

We are taken to our hotel we check in  and we are off to the Kenilworth, now standing outside the hotel are other SABC celebrities praising each other, taking photos now it’s on the feeling is overwhelming me I’M GOING TO THE MOST PRESTIGES EVENT IN SOUTH AFRICA whereby it’s not about the horse NO it’s about who is wearing who?, I was dressed by Vanessa G even I felt like a celebration yes I was.

We are dropped off at Kenilworth it’s scorching hot the make up is beginning to melt a bit not knowing how I’m going to control my situation, we walk in and it is filled to capacity there is people everywhere, we don’t know where we need to be, we walked around even though our heels would sink into the grass if not that then it was sand. Now by that moment I have forgotten where I am or why I am there?

We find our way around and walk towards the SABC Marquee, there is Ramora, Jeanie-D, Jen-Su, (some of my favourite celebrations) Lona, Bonang who was doing her live radio show, some of SABC2 ‘s celebrities, Expresso presenters, and SABC board members, Jeanie-D doing the live coverage.

Luckily for my mother and I the Marquee had some fancy ventilation system and the wind in our favour, as the day progressed all the other celebration flocked in, Jo-Ann interviewed again me, we got fed, entertained by a African drum playing group, another group that got a SABC board member dancing she really entertained. Radio jock Tbose got me on my feet played my kind of music found myself dancing to the Top Billing camera. As the sun set to the performance of Liquid Deep, A.K.A and old school kwatio my mother decided that she had enough and requested for our driver (BIGBOY) to take her back to the hotel, although I had not had enough so I went back to the marquee only to find that the bar was closed and everyone was making their way to home or to their hotels. I loved the exposure the experience the J&B Met was a dream come true.

Kelebogile Morobane
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