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A Tribute to the Father of Our Nation - Madiba

Top Billing Nelson Mandela Tribute Show

A Tribute to the Father of Our Nation - Madiba

This Thursday on Top Billing we bring you a special show dedicated to our beloved Madiba.

This programme was initially intended as a tribute from the South African people to Nelson Mandela, to be enjoyed by this finest of leaders whilst he was still with us; whilst he could genuinely appreciate the enormous respect, love, admiration and gratitude his nation and the world feel for him.
Madiba watched this broadcast at home, next to his beloved wife Graça Machel and we believe with that broad smile we know so well. We share with you the programme he enjoyed so much and hope you will feel moved by that same smile, joy and absolute love of life for which we remember him.

This week on Top Billing join us for our exclusive on the man who made the rest of us so proud to call ourselves South African - Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandela Tribute Show

Then on Saturday at 5pm on SABC3, we bring you our second special on the talents, insight and humanity of Nelson Mandela.

We ask the Presidents who preceded and succeeded him what made this man a leader? Shaun Pollock, Mark Williams, Elana Meyer and Chad Le Clos reveal Madiba’s deeper understanding of sport and Master of Everest, Sibusiso Vilane, and African circumnavigator, Rian Manser, describe the magic of Madiba.

Tannie Evita and Bantu Holomisa share their memories of his amazing sense of humour and we relive the night in Paris where Johnny Clegg sang and Nelson Mandela danced to Asimbonanga.

Madiba’s children and grandchildren speak of the father of our nation;  we take you back to a treasured time Graça Machel and Madiba spoke of their time together and Bassie retraces the happiest of years when she walked awhile with a giant of humanity.

Behind the scenes images from our shoot in Qunu, Madiba's final resting place

Behind the scenes images from our Madiba tribute show

Top billing Madiba Tribute Show

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