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Beautifully Betwixt

Beautifully Betwixt: A gorgeous Camps Bay location featured in Top Billing magazine

Beautifully Betwixt

Sandwiched between a bounty of nature, breathtaking views liberate a tightly packaged spot of Atlantic seaboard

Story Natalie Boruvka Photos Wieland Gleich and

15 Views may well occupy one of the smaller slivers of Camps Bay’s Golden Mile but, as the name suggests, it’s in no way spatially deficient. Owned by former Springbok fullback Percy Montgomery, the exclusive guest penthouse is, in essence, one room with two views – to the rear loom the staggeringly impressive 12 Apostles and, to the front, the infinite bountiful blue of the Atlantic extends. 

A beautiful Camps Bay home featured in Top Billing magazine
ABOVE LEFT: Formerly the site of a semi-detached property, the narrow site proved inspiration rather than an obstacle. ABOVE RIGHT: From an outdoor deck sea views can be admired from the jacuzzi or recliner.

The apartment crowns a double-storey residence formerly the site of a semi-detached property and it was,tag heuer replica uk ironically, this potentially confining narrowness that proved the key to its neat, spatial resolution. With the possibility of views and light from only two of the narrow ends, architects Metropolis Design resolved to retain a large, flexible space that, when necessary, could be subdivided into separate bedroom and living area with entire walls of glass mirrored on opposite ends. 'In this way,' explains architect Jon Jacobsen, 'both primary areas are privy to remarkable vistas that simultaneously address continuity between the mountain and sea views.' Lined unobtrusively along either side of the open-plan area, an almost ethereal kitchen and a secondary outdoor entertainment deck with jacuzzi bath and viewing recliner complete the snappy layout. It is an inspired solution. Not only does it lend the space a supremely impressive natural aesthetic – which all but renders redundant the need for any elaborate form of decor – it also makes what is roughly 100 square metres appear surprisingly generous. The fact that the building is sandwiched threefold – by two beachfront houses, by two streets and by the mountain and the sea – inspired a concept of ‘in-between-ness’ that measures were taken to explore. During the day horizontal strips of window between wall and roof slab reflect fluorescent-like bands of blue, above which the mass of off-shutter concrete floats implausibly. Experiencing the space prompts the sense that what is in is out, and vice versa: a dynamic and ever-engaging dialogue between exterior and interior.

Beautifully Betwixt home in Camps Bay featured in Top Billing magazine

ABOVE: That the concrete roof appears to disengage with the walls is an example of the concept of ‘in-between-ness’ that architects Metropolis Design (inspired by the mountain-sea location) explored throughout the concept and design of the penthouse apartment.

That Metropolis Design was also responsible for the selection of finishes and furnishing is reflected in the consummate synergy between the architectural framework and its interior detailing. With the view of ensuring that the structure and its harbouring components would form a pleasing whole – and, more importantly, would not detract from the beauty of the exterior vignettes – 

the concrete ceilings and white porcelain tiles were selected to form the foundation of an intentionally self-effacing interior. 

'With a neutral core,' informs Jon, 'the focus of the viewer moves outside, thus facilitating our aim for the primary perception to be that of the surroundings.'

Beautifully Betwixt home in Camps Bay featured in Top Billing magazine

ABOVE: The balcony overlooks the deck of the private residence beneath and – beyond – the vibrant beach at Camps Bay.

Cautious not to lapse into monotone tedium, the sheath of white contains elements essential for visual departure. Timber decking and trusses provide a tonal counterpoint with textural dimension given by leather, silver-grey velvet and the shaggy pile of a plush rug. A pair of updated Louis IV-style armchairs and an elaborate crystal chandelier presiding over the dining table establish a conspicuous classical complement to the decidedly contemporary momentum. 

But, in our estimation, it is the bathtub that makes for the most offbeat point for pause. Treated as a traditional item of furniture, it stands obvious and resplendent to one side of the bedroom, encouraging the ambiguous spatial boundaries. It’s under a shadow of mountain splendour and guests could well find their time spent bathing the most memorable.   

Beautifully Betwixt home in Camps Bay featured in Top Billing magazine

ABOVE LEFT: A cool swathe of white, the open-plan living space is flanked by an outdoor deck where sea views can be admired from the jacuzzi or recliner. Architects Metropolis Design ensured a synergy between the interior and architecture by managing the selection of all finishes and furnishings, including the design of the outside daybed. ABOVE RIGHT: Featuring a tub the size of a mini-pool, the bathroom is literally ‘in-suite’, which only the king-size bed hovering on a plane of blue LED threatens to upstage. Rolex GMT Master Replica


Metropolis Design
T: 021 423 7104

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