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Beauty Tip: Fake it

Top Billing brings you their weekly Beauty Tip: Fake Tan

Fake it...

Nothing says “I love me” like beautiful glowing healthy skin does! This means taking care of your skin and acknowledging how super important it is to wear the correct sunscreen and not take risks by baking away in the luring summer sun. The trick is to achieve this desired look but not causing any unwanted damage from the suns extremely dangerous rays by “faking it”.
Gone are the days that self tans are only good for its awful smell, unwanted streaks, blotches and the all time favourite orange hue. We are lucky to live in a world that with thanks to technology that we can now have a beautiful radiant tan that can last up to a week allowing us to feel beautiful and confident in our summer frocks and shorts in just a few minutes, hello spray tan! Sprays are the easiest form of self tan to use as you are able to monitor the application by placing the nozzle further away from your body as to achieve the most natural looking tan.

As daunting as it sounds it really is as quick and easy follow these few steps and you will be just a sleep away from sporting a beautiful summer tan.

Prep your skin
In a warm shower / bath make sure to exfoliate the skin whilst paying extra attention to rougher spots like elbows and knees and the heels of your feet. This will get rid of the dead skin cells that would usually absorb more colour which is the usual cause of uneven colour during a spray tan.

Whilst standing I usually like to place a towel underneath me to catch the extra residue and keep my bathroom from also catching a tan. The best way to use the spray is to wear gloves as to be able to rub the mixture in to the skin to blend properly after spraying it on as sometimes some areas receive more spray then needed this allows an even non streak tan to form. Make sure to hold the bottle the recommended distance (written on the bottle) away from the body and to spray each part of the body a section at a time, spray and blend, spray and blend, and so on. For my face I take the bottle a further distance away as to make sure I do not overdo it and then lightly I rub it in to my skin. Remove your gloves and spray the back of your hands so as to get a top to toe all over tan.

Some helpful tips I have learned along the way is to never forget your feet and to put extra effort into making sure the whole foot has received equal spray. When it comes to knees and elbows make sure to massage the liquid in to the skin as to not cause darker areas. Before I spray the back of my hands I like to take some cotton wool and run it up the underneath of my arms from my palms to my underarms as to make sure it still remains lighter than the rest of the body and blends in properly. Make sure to only put on loose clothes after allowing for a five minute drying period after application.

Most spray tans take up to five hours to absorb properly into the skin so I always recommend doing the application at night as to not risk sweating and rubbing the mixture off during the day. The spray tan will also appear darker as the hours go by but fear not as when you wash it off the colour will look natural and glowing giving you the best risk free gorgeous skin you deserve!

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