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British illusionist Dynamo defies the laws of gravity!

Dynamo on Top Billing 2
Image credit: Andrew Timms

British illusionist Dynamo defies the laws of gravity!

He’s the street magician who became a global superstar and is now on his way to win hearts and blow minds on his first South African tour in May! 

It’s only human for us to want a little magic in our lives and British illusionist Dynamo is happy to oblige. He’s walked across the river Thames, predicted the Soccer World Cup result – and he will mess with your head in the most entertaining way.

Dynamo on Top Billing 3
Image credit: Andrew Timms

Today he has a tv show playing to four hundred million people. He gets booked by Ronaldo and Jay-Z to do private shows and the landmarks of the world are his stage. But only on his ‘Seeing Is Believing’ tour to South Africa did we witness the real magic of this hairdresser’s son turned superstar - his way with people. 

Dynamo on Top Billing 4
Image credit: Andrew Timms

He was born Steven Frayne and though he grew up on a poor housing estate in England, he was raised with a sense of wonder. 
Like the artist Banksy, Dynamo’s magic is created in the world of everyday people. He never pre-publicizes his grand illusions and often uses famous but accessible public spaces to perform them. It has allowed him to capture the imagination of young people - and in the age of social media, his eight million fans and over a billion views online make him the world’s most followed magician.

Dynamo on Top Billing 5
Image credit: Andrew Timms

Although seen as a modern day Da Vinci of his art, the hairdresser’s son believes that people need magic simply to bring hope and wonder back into their day to day lives. It could have no greater purpose.

Dynamo on Top Billing

Dynamo will make you question everything you thought you knew about physics, gravity and reality - and you will love it. 

Book tickets to see Dynamo's Seeing is Believing Tour in South Africa at the Sun Arena in Time Square in Pretoria or at the Grand Arena at Grand West in Cape Town in May.

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