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Canary Black Pork with crumpled potatoes

Crusty Flank of Canary Black Pork   
with mango sauce and Canary black 
crumpled potatoes in green mojo sauce

Cost: medium
Difficulty: medium

INGREDIENTS (for 4 people)

1 kg. Flank of Canary Black Pork.
1 Leaf of laurel, 10 grains of Black pepper, 5grs of sea salt, herbs.
2 L. Water for boiling.
Olive oil 0,4º.
2 mature mangoes.
200grs. Black potatoes (rounded and small like an egg. Leave the skin on)
Mojo: 2 handfuls of coriander, ½ handful of parsil, 5 grs. sea salt, 1 gr. cumin, 1 garlic clove, 1 red hot chilli pepper, white wine vinegar, olive oil 0,5º.


We boil the water with the aromatic herbs, the sea salt and the piece of pork for approximately one hour and a half or until the meat becomes completely soft.

When it becomes soft, place it onto a dish and we will cover it with something plain and heavy, so that it acquires a uniform shape, leaving into the fridge to cool it down.

After that, we cut it into regular squared portions, and reserve them apart.

Mango sauce: Peel the mangoes and put them into the grinder. We mix the purée with some of the broth from the boiled meat to soften the purée and we then add some salt. We reserve one of the mangoes for further decoration and presentation of the dish.

Green mojo-sauce: Into the mortar we put the garlic clove, the cumin, coriander, parsil, and the sea-salt and we squash it until we get a homogeneous pulp. This is when we start adding Vinegar and olive oil.

Crumpled Canary potatoes: We wash the potatoes, most fully washed as possible, even leaving them in water with a drop of alimentary-bleach and them rinse them again with clean water. We then place them into a pot with water and sea-salt until water covers them superficially. We boil them for about 10-12 minutes, we take the water from the pot and we then leave the potatoes into the pot, on the fire, softly stirring them for a few seconds until the salt appears onto the skin and the potatoes become crumpled.



We cut the potatoes in halves; the remaining mango is fine-sliced and placed as a basement in the middle on the dish to give a bit of height and volume. Meanwhile, we put the squares of pork flank into a hot frying pan with a bit of olive oil and grill the meat just until it get a golden look all over the outside. When golden and a bit crusty, we cut the diagonally and place them onto the slices of mango, covering them with mango sauce and the potatoes with green Canary mojo sauce.

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