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DIY: Reclaimed timber cupboard

DIY reclaimed timber cupboard 1

DIY: Reclaimed timber cupboard

Maximise your living space by turning an open counter into a recycled cupboard worthy of hiding all your treasures

Production Aidan Bennetts   Photographs Evert Theron

Reclaimed timber is a wonderful product to reuse. Besides being the eco-friendly route to home improvement, it’s a wood that is filled with character – from various previous levels of paint and colour, to the textured look it’s come to display over time through its previous uses. Before you start this project, cut out all marks left by beetles, pull out any nails and remove cement marks with the wire brush. You’ll love your new area once it’s boasting this beautiful cupboard. It’s also a sneaky way to hide any unsightly wiring or untidy homeware that might be visible under the present counter top.

Difficulty rating

Shopping List

39 x 69 pine batons, according to size of subframe
60mm chipboard screws
20mm panel pins
Size 20 biscuits
Hinges (two per door)
Wire brush
Wood glue
Circular saw
Electric drill
Biscuit joiner

Step 1
Because this recycled wood is irregular, use pine (pre-cut to size) to form the frame. Measurements should be in line with those of your existing space. Drill and screw the edges together to form the rectangular frame.

Step 2
Stabilise the rectangular frame with strut braces on each corner. Hammer screws into each one to keep it in place.

Step 3
Join recycled timber pieces together to make up the length and width of your counter top. We used a size 20 biscuit to join these. Create insertions with the biscuit joiner, apply wood glue to the grooves, insert the biscuits and join up the pieces.

Step 4
Keep these pieces together with sash clamps and leave them to dry.

Step 5
Cut lengths of recycled timber with the mitre cut to add detail around the doors. Form another rectangular frame with these pieces and create a rebate to slot in old ceiling panels that have been cut to size. Join these with glue and panel pins. Tighten them with sash clamps and leave them to dry.

Step 6
Remove the original counter top and fit the new one on. Secure into brickwork with wall plugs. Also, screw the front subframe on.

Step 7
Measure the door on the subframe in order to get the centre mark. Cut the door in two at this point for the cupboard opening.

Step 8
Screw a solid piece of wood or stylus to the inside of this open edge to create stability so pieces don’t fall apart.

Step 9
Screw on the hinges to the door and then attach these to the frame.

Step 10
Add a recycled stair bannister to the corner, and clad the side edging of the counter with the same scaffolding planks used for the top of the cupboard.

Step 11
Drill on the door handles. Use them to open the cupboard doors and now it’s time to pile your goods inside!

Timber supplied by Recycled Timber.
Call Eddie Thomas 083-512-3660

 DIY reclaimed timber cupboard 2
DIY reclaimed timber cupboard 3
DIY reclaimed timber cupboard 4

Top Tip

When creating your initial rectangular frames, measure them from corner to corner to ensure that the lengths of the rectangle are equal.

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