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Duck breasts with caramelised strawberries

Strawberry duck recipe

Duck breasts with caramelised strawberries
Serves 6

6 duck breasts
½ cup strawberry juice
1T honey
1T crushed garlic
1 thyme sprig
black pepper and salt
2 cups strawberries

Toss 6 duck breasts, ½ cup strawberry juice, 1T honey, 1T crushed garlic, 1 thyme sprig, black pepper and salt together and marinade for 4 hours. Sear duck breasts until cooked, remove and keep warm. Add 2 cups strawberries and sauté in the drippings. Cook strawberries until caramelised then add marinade and reduce until thick and syrupy.

Serve with the duck breasts and mashed potatoes.

Did you know:
Strawberries are 
a member of the rose family… and it is the only fruit which carries its pips on the outside. They are also an excellent source of vitamin C, as six strawberries contain the same amount of vitamin C as one orange.
The name probably derives from the Anglo-Saxon term for the wild strawberry plant, ‘strawberries’, meaning runners. The other possible origin relates to the bed of straw upon which the berries were cultivated to stop them coming into contact with soil.

Store strawberries covered in the fridge on a layer of paper towel, but be sure to use them within two to three days. Do not wash or remove their caps before storing (or washing) as strawberries will absorb moisture.

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