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Finding the perfect heel

High heels
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Heel Appeal

I remember the first time I purchased my first pair of designer shoes. Well I lie. My dad actually purchased them for me. Nonetheless I remember it, and it was beyond great. They are gorgeous, black, 6inch peep toe Michael Kors stilettos and they are all mine and to this day they still have the power to make me feel like a million bucks!

Designer shoes aren’t an absolute must have but I think any girl would love a pair of special designer shoes and they most certainly look good as part of shoe closet display. When you think of top designer brands words like: quality, durability and sheer fabulosity come to mind.

An increadable pair of heels can transform your look from normal to eye-catching and with the huge array of incredible styles that are coming out you are bound to find your IT pair. A designer to take note of is Jefferey Campbell, whose shoes is described as street smart with vintage style and runway flair and is available in SA. Check them out at MSC Boutique.

Designer shoes

Since uber-glam designer shoes like Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin‬ are extremely expensive here are  some options I have come up with to help you take you first fabulous first step forward:

  1. You can wait and look forward to sales. Nothing like a great markdown.
  2. You could create a savings bank account. Name your account to something special, save and hustle hard to put extra money in the account until you have more than enough to splurge on an excellent pair of shoes. You have to be disciplined and focused though. No sneaking out money for a pair of earrings, scarf or cardigan. You have to remain focused on the main prize- those stunning Prada boots you saw at SPITZ. . The name of the brand you desire should be your mantra to keep you focused and motivated enough to get your hustle on.
  3. Another alternative is online shopping. The advantages of online shopping are convenience, variety of choices and great prices. You battle the crowds in your local mall, search for parking or stand in queues that stretch for miles. Shopping online means that you can sit in the comfort of your home or at your favourite café with wifi and shop till you click logout and the variety of products on offered are countless, unique and exciting. Also good to know is that discount coupons and rebates are also offered by many online shopping websites. Noe you have an excuse to let loose that inner extreme couponer.

Tip: Beware of random dodge online shopping sites - If there isn't a “https” at the front end of the URL, like the one at Woolwoths Online or TopShop online , do not use that page.

  • The disadvantage of online shopping is that you can't feel the quality of the product or if it fits right. As a result you will have to put your trust their service. A good idea is ask if any of your friends can recommend sites that they have used. When concerned with whether the shoe will fit you can make sure you  know their returns policy and go and try on a shoe from the same designer in a store so you can judge what their fit is like.


Unique designer shoes are great, but if you don’t have the bank or maybe reluctant on shopping online well you have other options. Brands like: Nine West, Luella and Zoom are not too expensive. I also recommend check out retail stores like Sissy Boy, YDE and Cotton On which  have fabulous shoes for affordable prices.

If you really looking for a beyond affordable price then Mr. Price is for you. And they have great shoe assortments on offer. I love the Mr. Price store at Sandton - the visual layout in general is great. The shoes assortment on offer is fab and it has enough variety for everyday of the week: girly & frilly, edgy platforms or flats are all there.

Whether the shoe is an el Cheapo (sounds better than saying it’s cheap) or el Extravagante as long as the shoe is special to you and makes you feel like the goddess model you are that’s all that truly matters. How it makes you feel inside as well as how it transforms your look on the outside.

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