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Harmony develops a Need for Speed in Dubai

Harmony visit the Dubai Autodrome

Harmony develops a Need for Speed in Dubai 

Harmony visits the Dubai Autodrome for some high speed racing before painting the rest of Dubai red! 

Located in the desert, the Dubai marina brings water from the Persian Gulf inland to create a waterfront property development. The canal, once completed, will be able to claim the title of the world’s largest man-made marina. 

In general, the Arabian construction boom has taken architecture to new levels in skyscraper design and technology.

Beautiful Dubai skyscrapers
Dubai, also called the City of Gold - for obvious reasons hooks tourists who find themselves spending more in Dubai than any other country.
After a successful day of shopping in Dubai, you might find yourself wanting to take a break and what better way than spending the rest of your time at the Dubai Water Park and Resort. The resort's very own aquarium supports an ecosystem of sixty-five thousand marine animals!
The variety of entertainment and activities offered, has an undeniable effect on tourism. Visitor numbers have grown from almost fifteen million in 2016 to an expected twenty million tourists next year.

Harmony visit the Dubai Aquarium
As for fans of motorsport, such as Harmony, The Autodrome will introduce and teach you to drive a racing car and boost your adrenaline to the next level.

Harmony celebrating his victory at the Dubai Autodrome
After freshening up, Harmony heads to Prime68 - named the best steakhouse in Dubai.
Emirates fly four times a day from Joburg, two of those flights on their iconic Airbus A380. For your convenience, they also fly in and out of Cape Town twice daily and once a day from Durban.
In First Class, you can network over delicious canapés and exclusive beverages in the A380 Onboard Lounge. Choose from thousands of entertainment channels and take a shower before retiring to a turned down bed OR savour the highlights of your visit and the best of the good life - all the way home.


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