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It's All in the Hair

It's All in the Hair

It's All in the Hair

As a little girl I remember singing the lyrics to TLC Unpretty. The beginning of the chorus went ‘You can buy your hair if it won't grow’ and then went on about fixing up your nose and any other parts so that you can not only look but also feel beautiful - but that’s not what this tip is about. This tip is all about hair. What types of hair extensions are offered, where to purchase the hair, where to get it done, how to take care of it and the various products you can use to take care of your crown and glory.

It’s a fact that women love to look beautiful and glamorous, and the process to looking gorgeous is so much fun AS well at times. From wardrobe to make-up and of course the hair. It’s all so much fun. It’s obviously no secret that women love hair and women love changing it up.  

Yes, wigs and hair extensions have been here for thousands of years but thank goodness for Christina Jenkins. She’s a phenomenal African-African woman who invented hair weaves specifically for African-American women in the 1950s. Hair weaves were a way for African-American women to extend the length of their hair and add style without damaging sensitive Black hair. In the 1980s hair stylists improved Jenkins’s idea by creating hair that looked very natural and that flowed with flair and was not so stiff. 

Well long story short and many years later there are now so many techniques that hairstylists use to make sure your hair looks fabulous, with great length, volume and looking very natural.  Beyoncé’s hair stylist, Kimberly Kimble is a good case in point.

There are fantastic hair salons that can do wonders and transform you and make you look divalicious. The techniques hairstylists use to get the hair in to make you look incredible are really all the same. It doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have, whether it is tightly coiled, curly, wavy or silky and straight. 

There are various techniques used to insert hair. These include:

Track Extensions
Cornrow Track Extensions
Strand Bonding Technique
Hair Bonding Adhesive Types
Skin Wefts

For More information on the above you can visit the following links: 

For those ladies who don't want to waste time with getting the hair done, there are other ways to look great without spending hours and hours in the salon. These include clip-in's and wigs. Mind you not just any wigs. I’m talking about lace frontal wigs, silk wigs, French lace and the list goes on. 

These wigs are amazing because the ‘hairline crown’ looks incredibly natural. The great thing about this product is that you have the options to: clip it in, tape it or glue it on. It’s all up to you and what you comfortable with. Should you desire to have it taped on or glued on it’s advised you head to the salon and have a stylist help you out. They can make the hairline look very natural.  You also have the option to look over some ‘how to put on a lace wig’ tutorials on YouTube and look at how some ladies put on their wigs. On clipping in the wig the nice thing about clipping it in is you have the option to take it off (this is a matter of seconds really) and because it’s securely clipped on you won’t need to worry about it falling off or anyone trying to rip it off.  

For more information on the various types of Lace Wigs you can visit the following website: 


On Human hair VS. Synthetic VS. the real deal.

Now looking at the various hair products you can purchase: There is: Malaysian hair, Brazilian hair, Indian Remy and Virgin Indian hair.

Lets make things crystal clear. If you decide to go hair shopping and in the store you see a label on the packet that reads 100% Human hair…well it really isn’t 100% human hair. It’s synthetic hair that is made to act like human hair. This means you can wash it, condition and style it jus like how you would do with your own hair. Of course you would have to use specific products for the ‘human hair’. It’s advisable that way you don’t damage the hair and does not look old and tacky. 

Now Synthetic hair by definition is ‘strands of fibers that are manufactured to look and to feel like natural hair'. Synthetic hair usually is made out of kanekolon or toyokalon, which are two types of synthetic fibers. Different companies around the world produce both types. Toyokalon tends to be softer than kanekolon but doesn't last as long. Other synthetic fibers such as senselon can be used depending on the texture and color desired for the hair. This hair product is very cheap and doesn’t last long. Often within days it looks awful and even using gentle shampoos and conditioners doesn’t help. 

Then there is the real deal- someone’s actual hair, and this hair product is outrageously expensive depending on the length and volume you would like. You won’t find this product hanging freely in the hair store.  So you would need to ask to see and feel the product. 

Phew. If you’re interested you can purchase hair at Diva Divine, Clicks, and Glamorize at Access Park. The bonus is the hairpieces are normally a lot more cheaper if you looking for a bargain.  Salons provide hair extensions. Concerning the wigs well you can purchase the wigs on line: especially special wigs like: French lace, Swiss lace and Korean lace.


Where to get your hair done? 

Diva Divine
Afro hair corner
Saxon Hair Studio
Afro-Hair design
Afri’care Exclusive Hair Salon
African Hair Salon
MJ’s Exclusive Hair Salon
Abina’s Hair Salon
International Hair Xentsions
Expressions For Hair & Nails

It's All in the Hair

Hair Care 

Now that you know the various hair extension products, the techniques to get it done and where to get it done, all you need is a hair care product to look after your new look. Products you can use to take care of your extensions include: 

Organic Root Stimulator Weave RX Oil Free Shine
Keracare: For Weaves, Extensions and Wigs (Shampoo and conditioner)
Softsheen Carson Weave Care Products
Joico Moisture Recovery Products

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