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Jennifer Anirston's Flawless Complexion

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Jennifer Anirston's Flawless Complexion

Jennifer Aniston’s make up is always naturally beautiful. She has makeup on but she looks like she is not wearing any. This natural look is perfect for summer and for every day wear.

The key to get this look is choosing the correct foundation, if you are wanting to achieve Jen's look, wearing a tinted moisturiser or a sheer foundation will achieve that as she does not wear a heavy coverage, however it is important that you take into consideration what skin type you are whether it be dry, dehydrated, combination or oily, they all have individual needs. 

Dry/ dehydrated skin will need a moisturising foundation whereas combination/oily skin should use an oil free foundation.

You get different types of coverage from a foundation for example you have, light, medium or full coverage. What you choose is entirely what you feel comfortable with, if you’re skin is clear and blemish free try going for light coverage however if you do have blemishes you can use a full coverage.

The most important thing when choosing the correct foundation is to choose the correct colour for your skin tone! I can’t tell you how often people get this wrong and I can’t stress more what an impact it does to your look if you don’t get it right.


Let me try break it down in the simplest way:

Firstly you will need to look at your skins undertone, which can either be cool or warm.

Cool being more towards a yellow undertone and warm being pinker. Look at the inside of your wrist; this is where you can tell what your undertone is.

The next step is trying the foundation on; the best place to test the colour is on your jaw line, NOT your wrist. If the foundation blends in with your neck, you have a winner. You do not want to see your foundation it must disappear into the skin and look natural. You do not want to be seen with a dark face and a light body.

Lastly if your foundation does not have an SPF factor in it be sure to use a sunscreen daily under your foundation.


To complete Jennifer Aniston’s look, use a shimmery Golden bronzer and sweep it over your face, neck and décolletage. 

On her eyes, Jennifer uses neutral colours with a bit of shimmer. For eyeliner, you want it to be natural, so do not use any liquid eyeliner. Your best choice would be to use a dark brown eye shadow and apply it as eyeliner with a slanted makeup brush

For the lips, you need a light pastel colour with a glossy finish.

The main thing with this look is to not overdo your make up and be as minimalistic as possible that way you will achieve the famous Jennifer Aniston girl next door look.


Article by: Melissa Ovenstone


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