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Kim Hutton designs a Spanish villa with South African flair

Kim Hutton home on Top Billing


Kim Hutton designs a Spanish villa with South African flair

Faced with a dated Tuscan villa full of architectural challenges, designer Kim Hutton transformed it into a modern South African family living home.

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Kim’s re-imagining of this house traces back to another magnificent home he and his team created in Barcelona for the captain of the famed LA Lakers Basketball team. His working relationships with an increasing number of Spanish clients took off from there and this is the latest.

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Once he’d taken an extremely thorough brief from the family a large proportion of the choices where left to his creative team. A free and spirited space now, when he first saw it, Kim was confronted by serious limitations. That suited his mantra of 'limitations fuel creativity’ just fine! The original family room, formal lounge and covered verandah have been converted into one sweeping family living area of two large lounges onto a separate dining room and all openly linked to a kitchen with huge personality.

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Having lived in several countries, the couple have gathered art from across the globe. Original works of each of their places of birth are their most valued. With Kim working on houses from Europe to Africa and America, each project is informed by a very diverse range of trends, cultural influences and always - our vibrant home-grown South African design tradition.

A striking vision Kim had was to combine a few smaller upstairs rooms into one expansive dressing room, lounge, art studio and en-suite. Part of this open eighty square metre space is a bathroom with enough elbow room to feel like an in-house, luxury spa. Kim’s approach is not to allocate one designer to a whole project. Each room and item is the subject of debate, good natured argument and only then is it allocated to a designer. This breeds ideas that are tested by several points of view before they are put into practice.

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