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Life's a Picnic

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Life’s a picnic!

Bucketloads of fun for friends and family when you entertain using the outdoors as your setting. Forest, park or beach – combining our menu with a sparkling summer day is all you need for a memorable meal.

beach cocktails


We pre-made and froze our cocktails. Place some in the sun immediately to melt them fast, keeping the rest in an ice bucket or cooler box. They will slowly melt but stay cold.

Neptune’s nectar
Combine 1 shot white rum, 1 shot blue Curaçao, 1T coconut cream and 2 shots pineapple juice in a shaker with ice.
Shake then strain into a glass with cracked ice.
Top up with lemonade if you wish.
Pour into a bottle and freeze.

Sunset surprise
Pour 1 shot whisky in a glass (or bottle) with crushed ice, add 2T lemon juice and top up with ginger ale. Decorate with a long spiral of lemon peel.

Merry mermaid
Place 1 shot Malibu rum, 2T pomegranate syrup and 1T lemon juice into a shaker with ice.
Shake well, pour into a glass or bottle and top up with pomegranate juice.

calamari and chorizo skewers


Grilled calamari with chorizo and coriander sauce
(serves 6)

With this recipe you can make 6 small or 12 large skewers. With the smaller portions, eat straight from the fire. With the larger ones, serve on a bed of rice. For more flavour, you can add anchovies to the sauce.

900g calamari
250g chorizo, cut into small pieces
3 garlic cloves
2 handfuls of fresh coriander leaves
juice of one lemon
4T olive oil
pinch salt
6 or 12 skewers

Thread the calamari and chorizo alternately on the skewers and paint with olive oil.
Blend the remaining ingredients into a sauce.
Grill the skewers over hot coals, in a griddle pan or under the grill in the oven for a few minutes.
It is important that the heat is high, because if the calamari cooks slowly and long it will be tough.
Towards the end of the cooking, paint with some of the coriander sauce.
Serve drizzled with more sauce.

TIP If using wooden skewers, soak them in water first to prevent them burning.
Otherwise choose metal skewers, but be careful, as theycan get very hot.

soft-centre chocolate cakes

Soft-centre chocolate cakes
(makes 6)

We pre-baked our cakes in individual minibuckets and placed them over the coals to heat them up, but they can also be reheated in the oven before serving.

100g butter
300g sugar
8 eggs, beaten
2t vanilla extract
pinch salt
100g flour
700g chocolate, melted

Cream together the butter and the sugar and gradually beat in the eggs, vanilla and salt.
Add the flour and the cooled chocolate.
Mix into a smooth batter.
Divide between individual containers and bake at 200ºC for 10-12 minutes.
If you are not serving them in their tins, like us, unmould them onto plates (then also pre-line your container with baking paper).
They are great on their own but you can also serve them with cream or ice cream.

TIP The batter for the chocolate cakes can be pre-prepared and left in the fridge.
Bake slightly longer before serving as the batter is cold.

TIP For added drama, you could insert a block of white chocolate into the centre of each cake
before baking.
We encouraged our guests to melt marshmallows over the coals to enjoy with their dessert.

Baked Amarula custard
(makes 6)

8 eggs
6T sugar
pinch salt
2 cups milk, lukewarm
1 cup Amarula

Whisk the eggs with the sugar and salt.
Then add the milk and Amarula while whisking continuously.
Pour into your individual moulds and bake about 20 minutes in a bain-marie at 160ºC till set.
Leave to cool then place in the fridge till you are ready to serve them.


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