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Location: Waterfall Estate

Top Billing location Waterfall Estate

Location: Waterfall Estate

Join us this week when we visit the stunning Waterfall Estate located between Sunninghill and Midrand in Johannesburg.

Here we showcase architect Buhle Mathole's contribution to one of twelve bold Eco homes designed to half your power and water bill!

If you love aesthetic designs, beautiful interiors and are environment-conscious, then this is one Top Billing show you're not going to want to miss!


More info on the house (from the architect):
This house has been designed with a north facing orientation capturing not only natural light and warmth but also makes this house habitable while minimising on consumables. The louvers have been used as a screening device on the west facade to curb full effect of the harsh afternoon sunlight. In addition our design maximises the land available and the space is used effectively and efficiently to its maximum. This 375sqm home has vast double volume area to give it a more open feel. We have also taken strides to showcase the greenbelt which is located on the west of the house thus the light here is being effectively taken in by the use of strategically placed openings.

Furthermore we are using a rain water collection system that will make the running costs of this home negligible and provide water at the point of consumption with the tanks providing an attractive yet effective solution to rainwater catchment. Additionally we also have eco-type insulation in the roof and polystyrene in the surface bed of the slab to trap and retain heat for a longer period thereby reducing the houses energy consumables.

Low energy LED globes will also be used throughout the house which albeit a seemingly small contribution, the use of these bulbs will help to mitigate this buildings carbon footprint significantly. This being said, household appliances will also be energy efficient with a gas stove being installed; dual room heater systems and solar panels to divest the house from its energy dependence.

This includes a solar geyser. Thereby minimising the carbon footprint and mitigating the impact of climate change. The flat slab area was specifically designed to conceal all these needed but yet not so aesthetically pleasing gadgets. The house will get an Eskom rebate for its energy efficiency and thus form part in taking strides in being part of the 49million (49m ) initiative.

Century Property Developments in the Architectural guidelines clearly outline the envisaged Architectural language – we have worked within their framework but also added our own flair and young fresh vibrant look to the house that would appeal to a wide genre of people.

The exterior of the house has also been considered as an area where going green is literally translated in the natural landscaping that is used. The pool works using solar energy to heat it, with a pool cover to retain the heat.

The materials used will also be natural reusable stone and timber etc. The disposing of other rubble / building material will also be in such a manner that minimises the cost on the Earth.

Therefore as a team we at Kabu Design Architects in conjunction with our construction partners Touchstone Homes commit to using best practise as far as possible in keeping with green standards. We are committed to sustainability and we aim to keep pushing the green envelope in order to preserve our natural heritage.  



Buhle Mathole
Tel: 011 475 8598

Jessica van der Walt
Tel: 011 300 8700

Interior Designer
Caroline Write
Tel: 082 569 9129


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