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Painted Wall Frames

Painted Wall Frames

Painted Wall Frames 

To create a signature art wall, take inspiration from our featured house and paint a frame directly onto your wall



Mutton cloth roll

Builder’s bucket

Hamilton synthetic brush

Masking tape (72mm)

2 x Drop sheets

Sponge roller (around 40mm) and tray

Plascon paint and accessories

Ivory Parchment (Y3-D2-3)

Stuffing (D14-5)

Oceanos (B6-C1-1) all in a Wall ’n All base

Acrylic Scumble Glaze (GSL1)

Painted Wall Frames steps    

Step 1 

To prepare your feature wall, ensure that your wall is dry and free of dust, grease or flakes. Apply a neutralcolour PVA. We recommend Plascon’s Wall ’n All Ivory Parchment (Y3-D2-3). If your wall is painted with enamel, you’ll first need to sand, strip and re-prime. Mask off a rectangle, between 300mm and 400mm from

the edges of the wall, floor and ceiling. Best to use a spirit level to ensure straight lines. Do be aware, however, that your walls might not be perfectly level so you may need to use your discretion. This will be the feature frame template.

Be sure to lay drop sheets to prevent spoiling your floors.


Step 2 

To create warmth and dimension for the frame template, create a colour wash. In a bucket, combine 2 parts Acrylic Scumble Glaze (GSL1) to 1 part PVA of your choice: for example, Plascon’s Wall ’n All Stuffing (D14-5), and 1 part water. Mix well. Dip a damp piece of mutton cloth in the glaze, dab, pat and then literally ‘wash’ the walls in a wide, circular motion, taking care not scrub into the masking tape as the paint will bleed and smudge underneath it. Use a dry, wide synthetic

brush to blend the edges of your wash for a soft, mottled effect. Leave to dry.


Step 3 

For the border, mask off another rectangle inside the feature area, so that there is a 20mm gap between the masked frames. Using a sponge roller, lightly roll Plascon’s Wall ’n All Oceanos (B6-C1-1) from the outer edges inward.

To prevent bleeding on the edges, ensure that your roller is not overloaded with paint. Immediately remove masking tape. Leave to dry.


Step 4 

Hang your artwork inside the painted frame.

For more information and inspiring ideas, visit

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