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Spa Q&A

Top Billing spa q&a


Yet another silly season is behind us, and, as always, the spa and salon industry was booming. I thought well to highlight a few frequently asked questions encountered in the past few weeks.

During a reflexology session:

Q: You are working on my feet, why are the lights dimmed?

A: We try our best to create a tranquil, relaxed environment in a spa.  This is our way of rewarding you for spending your hard earned cash at our establishment.  We also make it smell nice, play relaxing music, and put in everything to make your experience a memorable and relaxing one. The more senses we can incorporate, the better.

After arriving ten minutes late:

Q: Why did I not get the full 60 minute massage indicated on the spa menu?

A: The schedule in a spa or salon is calculated up to the last minute to ensure a complete treatment can be enjoyed.  If you are late for an appointment (no matter what the reason) and there is another client (or clients) scheduled after you, your treatment will have to be shortened.  A therapist should always do their best to be accommodating, but we are not allowed to cut the next person’s treatment time because you were late.  It is advised to always arrive 15 minutes early – a consultation form will have to be completed and you may be required to change/undress before your treatment commences.

Q: I’m having a full body massage, should I undress completely?

A: Yes, barring your briefs.  Leave these on to ensure your therapist can work comfortably. If you are not wearing briefs, tell your therapist.  They may then choose to discreetly cover you with a towel, or provide a pair of disposable briefs.  Never ignore a request to wear them though – that’s just rude.  Remove all other items of clothing as well as jewellery. A massage therapist should always work discreetly, and there should be no reason to feel overexposed or uncomfortable – if this ever happens, be sure to speak up immediately.

Q: Should I take my shirt and bra off for a facial?

A: Most facials include the décolleté (neck & chest), so removing your shirt and taking off your bra before you slip under the towels is advisable.  If you choose not to take the bra off, slide the straps down your arms and tuck it in under the towels to avoid getting face mask all over your latest La Senza acquisition.

Q: Can I put my shoes on after a pedicure?

A: Under no circumstances. You would have wasted your money and the therapist’s time.  Ensure that you arrive in sandals or flip flops, or take a pair along. Nail polish will feel dry to the touch after about half an hour, but you will be left with sock imprints even if you put on your shoes hours later.  My best advice is to stay in sandals for the rest of the day.

Q: Why should I silence my phone if I’m only having a wax?

A: First and foremost, the person in the cubicle next to you might be halfway through a massage, and most ringtones are obnoxious enough to jolt someone awake in the next suburb… Secondly, it’s insulting to expect your therapist to stop midway through your lip wax so you can tell your sister you’ll call her back later. A little consideration goes a long way. If you’re expecting an important call, ask your therapist if you can switch your phone to vibrate, and keep it close by – but only if you absolutely have to.  

Never hesitate to ask if you are unsure of what is expected of you – this will ensure you get the most out of your pampering session!

Article by: Chantelle Bester

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