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Summery sorbets

Summer Sorbets

Summery sorbets


Light, cooling and refreshing, sobers is the perfect finish to a summer meal or for cleansing the palate in between courses! They are made with a basic sugar syrup, flavouring and sometimes egg white. The possibilities are really only limited by your imagination. Think fruit, herbs, vegetables, tea, wine, liqueur, coffee... keep on imagining...

Don’t have an ice-cream maker? No problem!

Freeze flavoured syrup in a metal bowl for an hour. Then beat with electric mixer or whisk. Return to freezer. Repeat at hourly intervals, 3 more times. Keep in mind that alcohol-based sorbets don’t freeze as well as ones without alcohol. If you want more flavour, sprinkle with additional alcohol beverage before serving.

Top Billing White chocolate sorbet

White-chocolate sorbet

(makes about 2½ cups)


350g white chocolate

²⁄₃ cup glucose

2 cups warm water

In a double boiler, gently melt the chocolate and glucose. Stir until smooth. Whisk in the warm water. Cool thoroughly in the fridge. Churn in an ice-cream maker until thick. Serve or freeze.

Top Billing Saffron Kir Royal sorbet

Saffron kir royal

(makes about 2½ cups)

The saffron instantly adds an exotic twist to this brightly 

coloured dessert. 


125g castor sugar

350ml water

large pinch of saffron (or turmeric)

375ml sparkling wine

Dissolve the sugar in the water over medium heat. Add the saffron and boil for 5 minutes. Chill the syrup. Sieve when cold. Mix in the sparkling wine. Churn in an ice-cream maker until thick. Serve or freeze. 

Top Billing chocolate abd Frangelico sorbet

Chocolate-and-Frangelico sorbet

(makes about 2½ cups)

This sorbet is rich and decadent – one for chocolate-lovers.


350g good-quality dark chocolate

²⁄₃ cup glucose

2 cups warm water 

100ml Frangelico

Melt chocolate and glucose in a double boiler. Stir until smooth. Whisk in the warm water and Frangelico. Cool. Churn in an ice-cream maker until thick. Serve or freeze.

Top Billing Verjuice-mint sorbet

Verjuice-mint sorbet

(makes about 3 cups)

The word ‘verjuice’ is derived from the French term verjus, meaning green juice. Verjuice is the unfermented juice of semi-ripe grapes and has a uniquely acidic and fresh flavour.


1 cup castor sugar

2 cups water

¼ cup fresh mint leaves, chopped

1½ cups verjuice

2 tablespoons vodka

Dissolve the sugar in the water over medium heat. Add the mint leaves. Stir until mixture comes to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes. Strain (or not if you like the pieces of mint in the mixture). Add the verjuice and vodka. Stir until blended and cool. Churn in an ice-cream maker until thick. Serve or freeze.

Top Billing Jasmine Tea sorbet

Jasmine-tea sorbet

 (makes about 3 cups)

You can replace the Jasmine tea with any tea of your choice – even instant coffee.


3 cups water

2½T green-tea leaves

¾ cup castor sugar

2T sugar

In a saucepan, bring water to the boil, then add the tea leaves. Remove from the heat, cover the pan and brew tea for 5 minutes. Add sugar, stirring till dissolved. Strain. Cool. Churn in an ice-cream maker until thick. Serve or freeze.

Top Billing Pina colada sorbet

Piña colada sorbet

(makes about 3 cups)


1 tin crushed pineapple, frozen for 12 hours (470g)

2T rum

6T coconut milk, chilled

Place the frozen can of pineapple in hot water for about 30 seconds. Remove the lid and pour into a food processor. Add the rum and coconut milk and process just long enough to form sorbet. Serve or freeze. 

TIP For a fuss-free sorbet, freeze a can of your favorite fruit. Once frozen, open and blend just long enough to form fine ice crystals, but not melt. Serve.

Top Billing Bloody Mary Sorbet

Bloody Mary sorbet

(makes about 2 cups)


350g castor sugar

²⁄₃ cup water

1 cup tomato juice

1T vodka

1 egg white

Dissolve the sugar in the water over medium heat. Add tomato juice and vodka and freeze for about 2 hours, or until mushy. Whisk the egg white until frothy.  Fold into the mixture. Churn in an ice-cream maker until thick. Serve or freeze.

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