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Tongayi Chirisa on Top Billing

Tongayi Christa on Top Billing

Tongayi Chirisa on Top Billing

Actor Tongayi Chirisa may be re-defining what it means to be African American. Born in Zimbabwe, trained in South Africa and having just filmed a sitcom in New York, he’s now shooting a feature here before returning to work in L.A. Talk about global representation!

Top Billing first met Tongayi when he was playing the part of Friday in the American TV series Crusoe which filmed in South Africa. That was his introduction to U.S. audiences and since then he’s worked on most of Hollywood’s biggest TV networks. 

Join Roxy as she finds out about his journey, and what it's like seeing the fruits of his hard work on the screen. We also get a look at what the happy, upbeat Tongayi gets up to during his down time in LA. 

Catch this Harare to Hollywood story on Top Billing this Thursday at 7:30pm on SABC3.

Watch the insert preview:



Tongayi Chirisa


Twitter: @tongayichirisa

Moyo (Melrose Arch)

This week on Top Billing, we visit Moyo-Melrose Arch, a restaurant which offers an unique African dining experience.

This is a scenic destination inspired by traditions and values of our ancestors. Moyo is a celebration and commitment to, the beauty of Africa and its people. Moyo’s warm hospitality is legendarily known, as it keeps its guests coming back for more. The modern African ambiance ensures that the Moyo experience is a memorable one. Prepare to get your taste buds sizzling with the finest African cuisine, with diverse dining selections ranging from relaxed lunch meals to romantic dinners. When it comes to entertainment, Moyo searches the continent for the best artistic talent. Colourful costumes, dramatic acts and fancy footwork of dancers will provide a sight and experience to behold. With a song on the lips of the wishy-washy ladies, you will be welcomed to the age old tradition of the African hand-washing and face painting ceremonies. Roxy and Tongayi Chirisa were delighted to partake in all these unique African activities that make Moyo and our traditions so special. With a restaurant as authentic as Moyo, we couldn’t have chosen a better location for our interview with this famed African-American actor.

Their meals:
Tongayi indulged in the delicious “Moyo signature samosas”.
3 deep fried triangular pastry pockets presented with chutney. When visiting you can choose either of the following options:
Mild curried beef mince | Kudu babotie | Cheese and spring onion | Potato and pea

Roxy enjoyed the “Berebere Venison Loin”
Grilled cubes of venison loin, presented on a hanging skewer and seared with mealies, hand cut chips and Madagascan green peppercorn sauce.

For more information on Moyo and to check out the rest of their menu please visit and

Also on Top Billing this week:
Italian Art Deco in the heart of Cape Town:
Italian Art Deco in the heart of Cape Town
Our location this week is an Italian style villa built in the art deco era. It is a wonderland of mid century design that you just have to see for yourself.
Click for details and images
Studio W Launches in Australia:
Studio W Launches in Australia
We recently travelled to Sydney to mark another leap in the successful story of Studio W a label born in SA and now proudly strutting the international stage.
Click for details and images

DJ and adrenaline junkie Khutso Theledi:
DJ and adrenaline junkie Khutso Theledi
Two things that Khutso Theledi is very good at are hosting radio shows and steering the wheel of a speed machine. This 24 year old is going places.
Click for details and images
Musical superstars George Ezra and Bongeziwe Mabandla:
Musical superstars George Ezra and Bongeziwe Mabandla
This week on Top Billing we are joined by two musical superstars making waves in the industry.
Click for details and images

Lorna experiences the newest tap innovation:
Lorna experiences the newest tap innovation
This week on Top Billing Lorna trades in her tutu for a pair of tap shoes and discovers the joy of tap and the latest innovation in banking from Standard Bank.
Click for details and images
Turning up the heat at Durban Fashion Fair:
Turning up the heat at Durban Fashion Fair
Join Chris this week as he turns up the heat amongst the best that KZN fashion has to offer, and get a glimpse into what is in store for 10 lucky designers.
Click for details and images

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