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Top Billing drinks tea the Samurai way in Japan

Simba drinks tea the samurai way in Japan

Top Billing drinks tea the Samurai way in Japan

With the blessing of the Mhere family we bring you Simba's Japanese adventure where he found that the drink of choice for battle-hardened samurai warriors is the genteel cup of tea.

Home to 30 million people, Tokyo is the capital of a country that continually surprises. Despite being a driven nation with the third largest economy in the world, the Japanese are also very Zen, managing to have the longest life expectancy of any nationality. Amongst the reasons may be the inner calm they achieve by drinking tea and to get the full significance of this beverage to their culture, Simba went the whole 

nine yards. Join him as he finds out that making traditional tea is not as easy as putting the kettle on, but rather an art form that takes time, precision and endless concentration.

After a good cuppa and a good dose of zen, Simba is off to Ninja school. Four hundred years ago when Japan was a feudal state, battles were often fought by hired mercenaries and the Ninja or shinobi were the most highly trained and most notorious of these. Simba learns how to throw a ninja star and blow gun before heading out to face his new nemesis…

Catch Simba's Japanese adventure this week on Top Billing, 8:30pm on SABC3.

Watch this insert's preview:

Simba drinks tea the samurai way in Japan


Momoko Nishiyama
Voice Japan 
T: +81-3-3662-1355  
T: +81-80-3314-1643

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