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you are here: Last week's Show | Top Billing explores a beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home

Top Billing explores a beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home

Top Billing explores a beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home

 American architect Frank Lloyd Wright was famous for houses which broke the box structure of the traditional home and put those living in them as close to their natural surrounds as possible. The kind of structure designer Dylan Thomaz loves to work in.

 From his background in set design followed by visual merchandising, Dylan has a sharply educated sense for how a look catches the eye. This house presented a rare field of view to work with.

The couple who own the house are both busy company executives who wanted to come home to space which felt simple and clutter free. One where they can entertain whatever the weather.
If Dylan and his clients saw eye to eye on most of the décor, the one area they were anxious about was his suggestion of a black kitchen. They gave him the go ahead and his instincts were spot on.

The travertine stone tiles lend a simple sophistication to the bathroom. The reflection of the outdoors floods the space with natural colour and light.

The triumph of this design is that there isn’t a room in the house where this formally designed but relaxing garden is ever out of view. The free form of Nature and structure of a building work as one.

Dylan has matched these diverse styles with such success and it looks like this relationship is made to last.

Contact Details:
Interior Designer- Dylan Thomaz

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