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Top Billing tours a Afro-Japanese inspired home

Top Billing tours a Afro-Japanese inspired home

Cobie Labuscagne and Nduka Mntambo have designed their dream home after 8 years of hard work.

Top Billing Cobie Labuscagne Home

Cobi and Nduka met fifteen years ago while doing a film course at WITS where he is now head of film and television. Today they are an artistic power couple, and Doctor of Arts Cobi is even releasing a children’s book to make art more accessible to children.

When they first moved in to their home with first born child Lunga, none of the windows closed and the geyser promptly burst. Alterations began and the last new window went in the day after Cobi brought their second child, Ellen home from hospital, and the fun, games and renovations continued.

Top Billing Cobie Labuscagne Home

The house has been an evolving, eight year renovation. Inspired by Artlogic, the art and lifestyle fairs company which Cobi co-owns, the design is African contemporary with a Japanese influence.

Instead of a master plan, the renovation was a series of experiments in material and colour, while they lean more toward natural materials.

Top Billing Cobie Labuscagne Home

From contemporary African ceramics to a Philodendron light shade and the bamboo forest around their balcony, art merges with nature organically in this home.

The old slasto floors were covered over with Eucalyptus wood and they have developed their lounge into a gallery space for art collected from Cobi’s work.

The couple favour African and specifically South African artists, because they to speak to their lives more, and because they like to support local.

Top Billing Cobie Labuscagne Home

Over seven summers they’ve created the perfect garden for their children to play in, surrounded by trees, grasses and flowerbeds which spill onto the walkways. They have also planted indigenous plants, revamped their pool, and included a grey-water and water conscious irrigation system.

This harmony of African and Japanese design, is a hit!


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