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Top Billing travels to the sensational Seychelles

Seychelles with Top Billing 1

Top Billing travels to the sensational Seychelles

Jonathan shows us the good life in the Seychelles and gives us a taste of what to expect on Tropika Island of Treasure. 

With barely 90 000 locals across all the islands, as a visitor, you can almost feel like you discovered them. On Mahe, the mercury rarely dips below 24 or rises above 30. Ideal conditions for the good life.

The first to discover this magical necklace of islets between Africa and India were seafarers from The Maldives and Arab traders. Today, the best way to get a complete picture is via a luxurious, air-conditioned, aerial limo service. If you want a bird’s eye view of the Seychelles inner and outer islands, then you can’t do it in greater style.

A destination that sounds as blissful as it looks is the Constance Ephelia Resort, Jonathan’s home throughout his stay. The resort is styled with subtle African influences in a tribute to the continent to which it belongs. A magical place to revive the senses, the resort boasts dining destinations you will not forget. Built on the west coast of the main island, Mahe, the villas overlook the Port Launay National Marine Park and Jonathan found himself looking over sights fit for royalty.

Seychelles with Top Billing 2 

Jon was scouting activities for his role as games master on Tropika Island of Adventure. To join him and be paired with a celebrity contestant in pursuit of a R1 million prize, you can enter the competition by buying a bottle of Tropika for all the entry details. The notorious pirate Olivier Levasseur buried a trove here so The Seychelles makes the ideal location for this year’s Tropika Island of Treasure reality show. Though many would say that the real treasure is the wealth of seafood, curries, dahl, fresh tropical fruits and chutneys that make up the local cuisine.

The nation aims to preserve this beauty by having almost half of all these islands under natural conservation – making it the most ecologically conserved country anywhere. Since damaging fishing practices were banned here, the marine life has rebounded - especially around the more remote coral islands. A thousand or more species of fish have been recorded in The Seychelles. 

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