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Wholesale Disposable Adult Diapers Online

A good product brings a good feeling. Our Incontinence Products include disposable adult diapers, disposable underpads, adult bibs, and laminated tissue. Good quality and competitive price for distributors and retailers.

The unique contour shape and elastic edge design of Care-De Adult Diapers allow for better fit and protection from contamination. It is also impregnated with SAP (super absorbent polymer) for extra water absorption. When using a specific adult incontinence product, the most important consideration is to include urine or the intestines while protecting the skin from rupture. To this end, our products use a super absorbent polymer fluff layer that contains a more ultra-high polymer that absorbs moisture quickly and locks, allowing you to stay dry and comfortable, providing full day and night protection - even in many Re-wetting. The soft, breathable cover allows fresh air to circulate in the lid, leaving the skin dry and fresh. In addition, the leak-proof barrier can effectively prevent side leakage. That is why most patients choose us.

The Disposable Adult Diapers (incontinence diapers) are similar to a cloth diaper that may be highly absorbent. Disposable diapers may be used by some people for this purpose. We have two types of incontinence products, such as one-off and reusable forms. Its disposable form fits and is usually available in a variety of sizes. In addition, the price of reusable forms of incontinence pads is often reasonable.

These diapers cannot be confused with a cloth diaper that is worn by men or women who have bladder control problems or experience stress incontinence. Super absorbent lining and contour fit will provide maximum protection and comfort due to the wetness associated with incontinence. In addition, the elastic leg design can be collected to enhance fit and prevent leakage. It is designed to place reusable pads in place. Another style is the disposable underpad, which gives you the feeling of cloth and allows you to use it with confidence. We can produce different sizes of materials according to your requirements. You know Wholesale Adult Diapers online can save you much time and money.

There are many different sizes for your different requirements. The comfort levels and levels of protection are high. If you want to know more about our adult diapers and other incontinence products, please contact us. Email:

Disposable Adult Diapers
Adult Diapers

Wholesale Disposable Adult Diapers:

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