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Riaan wears Gant Anel wears Mari & Me

A Leap of Faith
After much excitement and anticipation, Top Billing, in partnership with Rhebokskloof Wine Estate, would like to introduce the soon-to-be Mr and Mrs Riaan van Wyk! With a lot of effort, a dedicated team of friends, sprinkled with a little pinch of faith, Riaan and Anel managed to secure a phenomenal amount of votes – winning them their dream wedding! Congratulations to the happy couple… and here's to living happily ever after!

story Meghan Spilsbury photos Andre Van Niekerk, Vivid Blue

How did you meet?
Riaan and I met at my cousin’s 21st. We chatted for a while and exchanged numbers. Riaan pursued me for a year before I gave him a fair chance. One day he took me to Blouberg and asked me to turn around, then wrote in the sand: 'Will you be my girlfriend?' On our fourth-year anniversary he took me to Paternoster and wrote in the sand: 'Will you marry me?' So cute.

What attracted you to one another when you first met?
Riaan: Most definitely her smile and eyes. From the moment I saw her, I knew that is a smile that I would like to see every morning when I wake up and a smile that can make my day so much better. When I look into her eyes I can see that this is a person that can reach into people’s hearts very easily, just as she reached into mine.

Anel: His eyes and his outgoing, fun-loving spirit. He is probably the most loving man I know. He loves giving hugs and kisses and he always makes me feel safe. He is an amazing person and that’s why I love him so much.

What made you decide to take a leap of faith and enter Top Billing's Win a Wedding Competition?
My friend sent me the link and said: ‘Anél, I think this will be perfect for you!’ And so it was! We really have awesome friends who love and help each other, no matter what. You will never be able to win something if you don’t enter a competition. I live by faith and if something is meant to be, it will be.

What was your first thought when you were told you had won?
How great is our God! I cried for an hour, and could not believe it. Riaan was so shocked he didn’t even speak to me for long, he just said: 'I’ll phone you back.'  I think he was emotional. We feel so blessed – our hearts are full of happiness and we are very grateful for everyone who voted for us.

Do you have a specific vision in mind for your wedding day? Please share it 
with us?
My vision is seeing smiling faces the whole day, bright colours, sunshine, laughs, dancing and lots of fun. Perfect scenery of Rhebokskloof with perfect flowers and a dress I would want to wear forever. Feeling the love the whole day and being able to enjoy every little perfect detail with our family and friends. Romantic, classy but still fun and funky.

How do you feel about working with the great team of wedding coordinating experts at Wedding Concepts?
This is a dream come true, we will be so lucky to have these experts contributing to our wedding. What better wedding will anyone have with the knowledge, experience and creativity of these awesome people?

Rhebokskloof is such a beautiful venue, what do you think you will love most about getting married there?
This is a fairytale wedding venue, just as you advertised it. Rhebokskloof is one of the most beautiful places in the Western Cape. Getting married there is probably the best prize any bride could dream of. I'm so thankful that Rhebokskloof is hosting this amazing event. Rhebokskloof will also provide the most beautiful photo memories. Thank you Rhebokskloof!

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event; what are the things you are most looking forward to?
Anel: The part I am looking forward to the most is walking down that aisle, with the beautiful Rhebokskloof scenery as my backdrop and my perfect dress, just looking
into Riaan’s eyes. Walking up to him and knowing this is God’s plan for us.

Riaan: There are three things that I’m looking forward to: the first is when Anel says the words 'I do'; secondly, our first kiss as husband and wife… and then the opening dance to our favourite song so that we can look into each other’s eyes throughout the whole song.

What three words would you use to describe one another?
Riaan describing Anel: Caring, lovable and fun.  
Anel describing Riaan: Lovable, funny and very handsome

What is something that most people would never guess about you?
Riaan: People would never be able to guess that I was born a blond. My hair colour changed as I grew.

Anel: I am very outgoing, so most people would never guess that I was a very shy child. I went to a pre-school and for six months I did not speak a word. The teacher spoke to my mom and asked if there was something wrong with me. My mom then spoke to me and after the school holiday the first thing I said when the teacher opened the door was: 'Boo!' My mom just loves telling this story – to my embarrassment.

How do you see your wedding day unfolding over the coming months?
I really have no expectations, but with a group of expert wedding coordinaters I have nothing to worry about. Five months is a very short time and if I had to do this on my own I would probably be a nervous wreck. Knowing experts are taking care of everything makes me feel at ease.

What do you love about each other?
Anel: I love that when I get angry Riaan will always try to understand, make a joke or just leave me to speak my mind. If there is something bothering me he will always try to make thing better. He’s very romantic and affectionate. 

Riaan: I always wanted a wife who is supportive, motivating and funny. Anel supports me in anything I do and want to do. When I have a bad day, she’s the one that keeps me motivated. We can laugh together about stupid jokes – this can go on for hours and days. We always remind ourselves how much fun life can be.

25 October 2011
The Final Four


After receiving hundreds of romantic, love-inspired entries we have whittled the 'Win a Wedding' contestants down to the final four!  

We have asked our four finalist couples to submit examples of their dream wedding through picture inspired mood-boards to gain a little more insight as to what their ultimate dream wedding day would entail. All four contending couples have chosen unique styles that represent their individual tastes, personalities and preferences. Our great team of co-ordinators from Wedding Concepts have begun working closely with the management team at Rhebokskloof in preparation for what can only be called a 'dream wedding'! With only five months to go before our winning couple stand ready to share their lives together with the majestic Rhebokskloof Wine Estate standing as their backdrop, our team is ready and waiting... we can't wait to meet you!

Be sure to go out and grab a copy of the November Top Billing magazine to find out who our lucky four couples are. SMS A,B,C or D to '33727' to help make your favourite couples fairytale dream come true!
(SMSs cost R1.50 each, T&C apply.)

Creating a Masterpiece:
A Creative Collaboration


Wedding Concepts

At Wedding Concepts, we pride ourselves in working with each couple to create a unique work of art – a wedding day that will be treasured forever. This doesn’t just happen single-handedly or overnight. It takes experienced planning, a formidable network of the very best suppliers and a team of people as committed to your day as you are. In this article, you’ll discover why choosing the right wedding coordinator is so important. We understand that organizing your wedding comes with a huge sense of expectation, need for perfection and full range of emotions leading up to the big day. Our energies are focused on creating the right environment to give you confidence and peace of mind.

A collaborative creative process

Like so many other international couples, Anisha and Vishal, an Indian couple from the UK, fell in love with the idea of hosting a traditional Indian wedding with modern elements, in a picturesque Cape setting. Living abroad, they approached us to help them create a day they’d never forget. As bespoke wedding coordinators who only take on a limited number of weddings a year, we seek to accompany each and every couple on a creative journey toward crafting their own designer wedding. It’s an exhilarating, often sacred time, as together; we begin to see the day take shape. Thanks to 21st Century technology, we can journey to meet almost as closely with couples who live abroad, like Anisha and Vishal, as we do with our local clients.

In Anisha and Vishal’s case, mail and telephonic communication began as we started to piece together all the different components for their dream day. From selecting the perfect venue to liaising with multiple suppliers, their Wedding Concepts coordinator, Kim Werner, made sure that all the stress usually associated with planning a wedding was absent from the couple’s busy lives.

A busy but rewarding week
Six months prior to their wedding date, Anisha and Vishal scheduled a visit to finalise all the loose ends that telephones, emails and scanners simply can’t do proper justice to. We then show them their draft invitations and discuss inspirations for follow-on stationery, and set up cake tastings with their chosen supplier, Roxanne Floquet Cake Designs. Anisha and Vishal wanted unique flavours with an Eastern influence like coconut and lime curd, raspberry and litchi, and chocolate with cardamom. A delicious 3 course menu tasting at their wedding venue was also arranged so that they could experience each chosen dish and give their valuable feedback. In addition, we created a suggested layout for the reception space, with detailed floor plans and renderings of where lounge furniture could be placed as well as details of bespoke lighting inspirations and peripheral décor concepts to adequately dress the venue.

The following day we did a décor mock up, taking into account the couple’s unique tastes. Anisha & Vishal were then able to personally approve their glassware, silver cutlery, tablecloths, flowers and candles. Like most couples we work with, they enjoyed the feeling of being hands-on in the creation of their day without needing to get bogged down by the administrative details. The couple then met with their photographer, the DJ and the minister to formalize the various ceremonial details that come with a traditional Hindi ceremony. We also took care of a hair and make-up trial with the talented Yolande du Toit for the soon-to-be bride.

Despite keeping such a busy schedule, we always find time to spoil and surprise our couples in style…
Never opposed to multi-tasking, we arranged a trip to Robben Island – providing them with the perfect activity to enjoy whilst putting together a document for their guests of places where they can visit when they arrive in Cape Town. Our sister company, Travel Concepts, was happy to help in this regard – providing ideas and inspiration. And after the hectic week, what better surprise for the tired couple than a luxury rejuvenating massage! We also knew that Anisha and Vishal were real foodies, so we made a booking for them at one of our favourite restaurants, The Test Kitchen, by Luke Dale Roberts.

A multi-layered approach
Anisha and Vishal wanted a multi-event wedding. Thanks to Wedding Concepts, the added complexity that a multi-event brings did not equate to multiple stresses for the couple.  If you are thinking about adding an event to your special occasion, here are some tips:


  • Establish what the unique atmosphere around your wedding is and create something quite different around the others days.
  • Consider a group get-together the day before. Perhaps a barbecue, bringing in the African flavours our country is famous for. Or a picnic, with games involved could be memorable, or a visit to an acclaimed South African restaurant.
  • A post-wedding brunch is often a wonderful opportunity for the couple to spend time with close family and friends.
  • Boys and girls events before the wedding are other fun options. Spa days, manicures and general pampering is always a hit with the women, while the men go clay pigeon shooting, experience an international whisky tasting, play golf or, if feeling particularly adventurous, go shark cage diving!

Masters in our art
There is a dizzying amount of elements that comprise a memorable wedding. Instead of trying to take care of them on your own, why not focus on the exciting, personal elements you really want to be hands-on involved with, and leave the rest to us? We carefully monitor every single element before, on, and after your uniquely tailored wedding… ensuring that you are as relaxed and present to the moment as you possibly could be. Whatever you desire, our expert team will help you achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of, plus a little more.

Wedding Concepts decor ideas

Creating a Masterpiece
Photographs by:

-          Zara Zoo Photography
-          Jean-Pierre Uys
-          Gavin Casey
-          Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen
-          Jules Morgan
-          Welovepictures

Wedding Cake Inspirations for 2011


Marie Antoinette famously once said, “Let them eat cake!” And in this case – we couldn’t agree with her more! With new approaches in design, the cake is reclaiming itself as a creative key element of a wedding celebration. The wedding cake is one of the first things that guests see at the reception and one of the last things they get to experience. The tradition of the wedding cake began back in the Roman Empire. At the time, it was a loaf of bread that the groom broke over the bride’s head as a symbol of his dominance in the marriage and over her – how times have changed! One of the earliest forms of the wedding cake is the French Croquembouche. The legend of this cake says that a pastry chef, visiting medieval England, witnessed their tradition of piling sweet rolls between the bride and groom which they would attempt to kiss over without knocking them all down. The pastry chef then went back to France and piled sweet rolls up into a tower to make the first Croquembouche.

In later times, the colour of the cake was typically white to symbolize purity and the joint task of the bride and groom cutting the cake is meant to symbolize their first joint task in married life. The usually hilarious gesture of feeding cake to one another is a symbol of the commitment the bride and groom are making to each other. Thankfully, gone are the days of the age old fruit cake! Nowadays inspired by the floral arrangements, colour palette or décor fundamentals, the cake becomes an edible extension of your wedding décor. While cake artists are incorporating more tiers, hand-painted details and three-dimensional confections, they are continually returning to simple, but elegant concepts with a twist reflective of the contemporary bride and groom. Multi-flavoured tiers and complimentary flavour combinations are currently extremely popular trends. The team at Wedding Concepts – all big fans of cake – completely understand the notion of “Why have one flavour when you can indulge in three delicious flavours?” We’ve seen some truly wonderful cakes this wedding season and look forward to the remainder of the season for what’s in store!  See some of our favourite picks below!

Inspirational Wedding Cakes

Delicious Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cake Inspirations for 2011
Photographs by:

-          Zara Zoo Photography
-          Christine Meintjies
-          Jules Morgan
-          June Joubert
-          Ian Mitchinson
-          Joe Dreyer
-          Jean-Pierre Uys
-          Freda Elliot-Wilson
-          Garyth Bevan
-          Gisela Harck

Gift Spotlight: Parasols, Flip Flops and Pashminas


Read on for some more information on Wedding Concepts range of fine, en vogue items to offer your guests at your wedding, choose from our exclusive range of fine pashminas, novel fans, cigars, chic parasols, personalised flip-flops and quaint imported paper lanterns.

Wedding Gift Ideas

As the summer months in Cape Town usually bring long hot, sunny days – we often find it necessary to provide shade for guests during outdoor gatherings. As sunlight continuously moves transferring the shaded spots, it becomes fairly challenging to ensure that all your guests remain comfortable throughout your celebration.

A fantastic way of guaranteeing protection from the sun is to hand out stylish – and colourful - hand-held paper parasols prior to the ceremony. These can be personalised with small tags welcoming your guests to this special occasion and thanking them for sharing the day with you. Not to mention that it also makes for impressive photos!

We now stock a variety of different coloured hand-held parasols so as to compliment your chosen colour scheme or even create a colourful and memorable highlight during the ceremony and pre-drinks. Our new colours include soft mint green, baby pink, cerise pink and turquoise which all retail for R89 incl. VAT. The natural and most popular hand-held parasols are R79 incl. each.  We also have gorgeous white lace parasols for R285 incl. VAT.

Many couples are at a loss for ideas when it comes to thinking up a great “Thank You” gift to hand out to guests at their wedding.  There are so many options out there and it can be quite confusing as you want something memorable and special but unique to you and your celebration.

Why not try our personalized flip flops? They are a fantastic gift idea for your guests, especially for the ladies who arrive earlier in the day in sky high heels and want to rest their weary feet. In the past, flip flops have proved to be an absolute hit and if guests opt to slip into their “flops” right away, the mood is naturally set to dance all night! Alternatively, for beach weddings, outdoor ceremonies & summer parties we always suggest presenting a pair of flip flops to your guests upon their arrival, so that they can then make their way across soft lawns or sand with ease and in comfort.

At Wedding Concepts we can of course take your gift to the next level and personalize each pair with your wedding date, names or simply a beautiful design element that may form part of your overall décor and colour scheme.

What you need to know:
  • A minimum of 50 pairs would need to be ordered.
  • The soles are white and the wishbone (strap between toes) will be a standard frosted clear. Further colours are available on request, but only for very large orders.
  • We are able to personalize and print on them in whichever colour you choose so as to tie the appearance of the flip flops with your chosen décor and colour scheme.
  • Each pair costs R85.00 incl. VAT.

    For further information contact us at

Our next gift spotlight is always an outright hit amongst the ladies! Consider offering high quality pashminas with a personalised “Thank You” note which is usually in the form of a paper band folded around the pashmina. This not only conveys a message and provides a form of packaging but also allows for another creative avenue to get creative with stationery designs! This is a fashionable gift the ladies will treasure and it will also ensure that they are kept warm during the evening of your reception. Consider displaying them on butler’s trays, have them handed out during arrival drinks or place them on each chair before being seated for dinner.

We currently stock 2 types of pashminas:

Wool blend Pashminas @ R75.00 each (incl. VAT)
Our Pashminas are of superior quality – woven from light wool (called “Pashmina”) that is unique to a special mountain range in the Himalayas. They are available in various basic colours as well as beautiful pastels.

Viscose Pashminas @ R99.00 each (incl. VAT)
Soft Viscose Pashminas made from a 100% viscose and are available in cream, soft pink and sage green

Wedding gifts

Gifting Spotlight: Parasols, Flip Flops and Pashminas
Photographs by:

-          Zara Zoo Photography
-          Monica Dart
-          Jules Morgan
-          Jean-Pierre Uys
-          Garyth Bevan
-          Jo Dreyer

Marquees – create your own glamorous venue…

BY CHRISTINA HOLT– MD and founder of Wedding Concepts

Wedding Marquees

Marquees are still the dream wedding venue for many couples who already found their perfect outdoor setting. Whether it’s a friend’s wine estate; a public beach; a private sanctuary or even a residential plot, it’s worth investigating if you haven’t thought about it before. The combination of spectacular surroundings and fantastic weather in South Africa allows for magical outdoor ceremonies and receptions alike.  Whether your chosen venue offers panoramic vistas, ancient trees, lush vineyards, rugged bushveld, manicured gardens, city skylines, or a rustic, rural atmosphere, the question is always how one can maximize the setting.  

The simple solution is by inviting the great outdoors inside and creating a relationship between your décor - the beauty that’s been brought in - and the beauty that is simply there.  You should want your guests not only to mingle with each other but also with their surroundings, as that was most likely the key reason you chose the setting in the first place!

There are many options available in South Africa that caters for all budgets and weather conditions. It would be advisable to let your wedding professional manage the intricate logistics. Iinvariably there’s a need for some form of shelter against the elements; at Wedding Concepts we prefer three types of tents to create what industry call ‘containers of customisation’.  These tents allow for absolute freedom of choice when it comes to décor and layout, and are extremely flexible in terms of creating a look that is fashionable, functional – and literally everything in between.

The marquee options
Bedouin tents, commonly referred to as free form tents, are often used to create extensions to existing structures and buildings - their flowing lines and swooping pinnacle rooftops make for dramatic focal points.  Bedouins can be pulled down in the case of bad weather or pitched high up to casually blend in with its surroundings.  They work well for large receptions, but could as easily be used to create some shade during an intimate outdoor ceremony.  

For those with a preference for a more classic appearance, two equally popular options are available.  Aluminium frame marquees are ideal for more formal weddings and their rectangular shapes allow for neat, symmetrical floor plans.  Their raised roofs create a sense of spaciousness and allow for suspended lighting off their structure.   

The relatively new alternative of a Clear Span marquee is suited especially for larger groups. This truly striking structure is super sleek and in true conservatory style not only offers unobscured views to the outside but also illuminates everything from within at night.  Marquees too can have opened or closed sides to complement the desired look and atmosphere.   

The details & logistics
All three types of tents are waterproof and available in a variety of sizes and colours, although shades of white and cream are the most popular for weddings.  Depending on the location, flooring may be required to level uneven surfaces whilst careful attention needs to be paid to lighting inside the tent.  Ensuring that the tent is firmly anchored is as vital.  Timeframes need to be borne in mind since it takes much longer to erect a large marquee for a formal reception than a small Bedouin for shelter during pre-dinner drinks.  Whilst interior décor as well as outdoor lounge area options are endless, it defeats the purpose of having one if the surroundings disappeared after sunset – therefore outdoor lighting becomes an important consideration to illuminate the surroundings.

What you need to know:
Generally marquee based weddings are more expensive than venue based weddings as they are logistically far more intricate, require a 2-5 day set-up/break down period, and involve more complex hiring.  You will probably need to add a generator, a separate kitchen marquee and equipment, air-conditioning, cutlery, crockery, additional staff, and more elaborate décor to completely decorate the space.  An Engineer’s Certificate will also be required to ensure the set-up meets legal requirements.         

However, the final result does exceed most expectations and tends to render a sensation among guests. People always stand in awe of an exquisite and personalised setting with a truly unique and stylish feel.  Marquees, by their majestically thrilling nature and unpredictable appearance, always win hands down.  

To arrange a marquee wedding comes across as a complex and challenging task.  However, with a specialist coordinator everything will be taken care of on your behalf.  They work with only the most reputable tent specialists in the industry, set-up meetings, manage all logistics, do site visits and even oversee the entire set-up process. They would do the work so that you can enjoy the view without having to look out of a window.  When it comes to tents, save the real camping for the honeymoon!

Wedding Marquee Ideas

Photographs by:

-          Jean-Pierre Uys
-          Freda Elliot-Wilson
-          Shanna Jones
-          Ryan Graham

Wedding Concepts' Top Wedding Trends

Tips & Trends - the key wedding elements


“The season’s hip, hot and happening weddings reveal trendsetting behind them”

Wedding celebrations often exceed expectations on all fronts and are marked by new and inspiring ideas, inspirational designs and trendsetting ideas. Here we take a closer look at the most cutting edge trends for bridal couples.

Wedding Concepts' Top Tips

Play with your food
The latest food trend: uncomplicated food dished up to encourage social interaction and to minimise interference with the natural flow of events.  Bowl food, circulated spontaneously, was big. So were platters meant for sharing between the guests at their tables. Salmon and Wok stations with ‘live chefs’ had people running back for seconds. Ingredients were flavorful & local - often combining South African with culinary European trends.

At lunch wedding picnics, guests were enticed to make their own pizzas and for those who were still hungry, wedding cake slices were boxed in quaint parcels and sent home as stylish doggy bags.  Gone are the days of predictability and boredom; the era of fun food has arrived!

As for drinks – colourful, exotic, personalized cocktails, pink champagne, fresh lemonade & mini hot chocolate – were all a reflection of being adventurous and reflecting the joy of the day!

Create your own venue
Marquees are still the dream wedding venue for many couples who already found their perfect outdoor setting. 
Whether it’s a friend’s wine estate; a public beach; a private sanctuary or even a residential plot, it’s worth investigating if you haven’t thought about it before. We’ve transformed the most unlikely spaces into boutique venues offering individually customised ceremony, pre-drinks, reception and chill out areas.  Different tent options are available – for all budgets and weather conditions. Let your wedding professional manage the intricate logistics and all you need to do is move right in on your wedding day.   

Décor adventures
Strategic paneling
Weddings with true wow factors the past season showcased tailored paneling to create clever divisions within open spaces.  Where small groups were hosted in larger spaces, paneling worked wonders in demarcating areas for dining, dancing and lounging.  It also lent a sense of enclosure and warmth.  Elsewhere, we used paneling to echo design themes found on stationery and table settings to ensure consistency and dress up otherwise rather dull wall surfaces.

Summertime, and the sitting is easy
With pre-drinks lounging having become increasingly popular, there’s a strong move towards styling with furniture of the right quality and quantity.  Individual stools are being upholstered in chic fabrics, white couches enhanced with quirky scatter cushions, ottomans arranged around low coffee tables. For those too exhausted by dancing, dessert is served… on a daybed.  These look equally great under shady trees in garden settings or next to the dance floor in a dimly lit area fit for royal recline. The trend here is dictated by class and comfort.  One’s options are endless, so it’s best to brace yourself for it sitting down.   

Floral Fancies
With flowers, the sky is now the limit. This season we saw bold, colorful arrangements, contemporary containers with individual flower stems, luxurious orchids as popular as ever and flower balls suspended in mid air.  To the opposite end, there was a definite move back to simple, basic arrangements that whisper rather than shout.  “To predict a single trend could be considered a near impossibility.  South African wedding designers have taken a global near first place on the field of ingenuity.  It is encouraging to see a general migration towards romance, happiness and effortless beauty. Here's holding thumbs that this trend will bud soft, watercolor blossoms in the new season.”

Carefully chosen lighting features, striking crystal chandeliers, chic lounge lamps, pin-spotting of your table tops, uplighting of walls & structural elements as well as important outdoor lighting - are all part of a handcrafted wedding celebration and ooze style and exclusivity. Illuminate your day!

Stationery but not stationary
The fastest moving stationery trends are all about all-over patterns replacing the traditional motif.  “Choose a pattern inspired by your wedding dress or linen selected for your reception, and incorporate this as a signature look on all your stationery.”  But as with décor, indifference to rules has proven to be refreshing.   “Couture Texture refers to the incorporating of velvet or perspex; canvas or wood; any unique material that ensures a tactile and unforgettable experience for each guest.”
Simultaneously, it seems white as an accent colour is the new black.  “Papers in fabulously rich hues with white lettering, sets the fashion forward bride apart from the rest.”  At the end of the day, however, weddings will be weddings, hence any old piece of paper won’t do.  “Embellishing your invitation with small rhinestones; tiny pearl-toned beads; or miniature Swarovski crystals.” is equally en vogue. We agree: there’s no reason why one’s stationery can’t shine.

Wedding Concepts' Top Wedding Tips

Tips and Trends – The Key Wedding Elements
Photographs by:

-          Jean-Pierre Uys
-          Zara Zoo Photography
-          June Joubert
-          Garyth Bevan
-          Christine Meintjies
-          Jules Morgan
-          Justin Badenhorst
-          Joe Dreyer
-          Ryan Graham
-          Gisela Harck

13 September 2011
Entries are flooding in!

The excitement in the air is electric and entries have started flooding in for our Dream Wedding Competition, where the  grand prize of a lavish wedding worth R500 000 is up for grabs!

Top Billing Magazine and the beautiful Rhebokskloof Wine Estate, in association with Wedding Concepts have joined forces to create a magical day of love, beauty and elegance.

With some of the top service providers on board, like cake-maker expert Roxanne Floquet and the creative genius behind the camera Vivid Blue, the winning couple are in-line to experience wedding bliss to the maximum!

Fairy godmother of weddings and creative talent , Kim Werner from Wedding Concepts, is bubbling with excitement, ready to meet the lucky couple and help make their marital dreams come true!

The clock is ticking so hurry out and buy the September issue of Top Billing Magazine and send in your entries NOW!

Click here to read more about the competition

Win a fairytale wedding
worth R500 000

Stand a chance to win your very own dream wedding to the fabulous value of R500 000... Send us a picture or short video clip, explaining what made YOUR wedding proposal so special! One lucky couple will win a fairytale wedding, tailor-made to perfection by the Wedding Concepts team and hosted at the beautiful Rhebokskloof Wine Estate – the only thing you will need to do is say 'I DO'!

What YOUR DREAM WEDDING will include…

The prize experience is a concept design wedding that will take place at Rhebokskloof. The event will be designed around the services of the key suppliers and, although it will be tailor-made to suit the couple's individual tastes, it will be within a contemporary, classic, chic wedding theme. Included is:

• Decor, floral design and structural items.
• Lighting, sound, dance-floor, technical support, music and DJ.
• Tables, designer bar structure, silver-plated cutlery, napkins, linen, furniture and all relevant necessities.
• Fine art wedding photography, as well as stationery and design.
• Ceremony and pre-drinks, a five-tier wedding cake from a top cake designer.
• Hair and make-up styling for bridal party (bride, 4 bridesmaids and 2 mums)
• Gifting and a minister.
• Bridal transport – two chauffeured luxury vehicles from placed of dressing.
• Pre-wedding night and wedding night accommodation for the couple.
• The prize includes a custom-made couture gown (which the bride can keep), bridesmaids dresses and the grooms suit will be available for the day only.
• The number of  guests is limited to 80.
• An additional surprise wedding gift will be organised by Top Billing magazine and the winning couple will accept it without changes; slight adjustments will be at the discretion of the publishing company.
• The competition includes everything that is outlined above, but does not include any flights, car hire or transport.

Win a Top Billing Wedding worth R500 000

More about Rhebokskloof:

With 300 years of winemaking history behind it, Rhebokskloof is confident of where its come from – the vision is now firmly on where it’s going. Two young women have been working quietly behind the scenes with the aim of reinventing Rhebokskloof’s wines – top-quality, award-winning and delicious wines which are a testament to their talent and dedication. Winemaker Rolanie Lotz has been pivotal to the re-branding of the estate’s wines and the creation of a new and exciting product portfolio and improved cellar practices, while vitculturalist Karin Louw has been instrumental in replanting all the leaf roll virus infected vineyards and has proven effective in the planning necessary to prevent outlook spreading of the virus. The planting of new vines included new varietals such as Shiraz, Mourvèdre, Grenache and Pinotage. This, and improved vineyard practices, will have a major positive effect on the future quality of the fruit.

Changes to the Rhebokskloof brand have been deliberate and measured, with emphasis placed on the cultivation of a new portfolio containing mainly Shiraz, Shiraz blends and Chardonnay – hand-crafted premium and ultra-premium wines. Rhebokskloof Wine Estate’s flagship wine, the Black Marble Hill Reserve Syrah, has, for the third consecutive year, walked away with a prestigious international Syrah Du Monde award.

The graceful willow trees, majestic oaks, rolling lawns and splendid vineyards combine with the heritage Cape Dutch building to create the perfect setting for your celebration. A stunning venue for fairytale weddings and other events, Rhebokskloof also hosts live concerts on the lawns next to the dam or in their permanent free-form Bedouin tent. In addition to the quality wines and the delectable taste experience available at Rhebokskloof, the estate is also an idyllic location for a conference as well as corporate events such as year-end functions, team-building sessions and product launches.

In response to the demand of local tourism, Rhebokskloof aims to create a classic yet relaxed and informal feel. Moving away from exclusive fine dining to 'modern with a twist', the restaurant plans to adapt its menu and ease into a more comfortable phase – becoming more accessible is indeed the way to go, particularly as they wish to encourage families to take advantage of the breathtakingly beautiful setting, picnics and child-friendly activities available at Rheboksloof.


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