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Tswelopele Productions

Tswelopele Productions


Tswelopele Productions is a leading TV production company with an audited BEE certificate of Level 1. It is accredited by Impumelelo as one of South Africa’s Top 300 empowerment companies. Tswelopele is a Sotho word meaning to lift up, empower and to liberate people.  It’s a story of progress driven by the energy and enthusiasm of Tswelopele Production’s Managing Director Patience Stevens and Chairperson Basetsana Kumalo.

The company’s flagship brand is the Top Billing TV show that is produced for SABC3 and is targeted at successful South Africans, proud of their country and their heritage, who aspire to and who do lead the good life via their achievements, lifting as they grow.

Top Billing is the longest-running entertainment and lifestyle television programme in South Africa, and celebrates its 20th birthday this year.  In recent years Top Billing’s success has brought more projects to the reputable Tswelopele brand, such as the Afrikaans weekly magazine programme Pasella on prime time SABC 2, a youth TV show in SiSwati, Ses’khona on SABC 1; a travel series Top Travel which has achieved success locally and on the Travel Channel in Europe and Wealth TV in the USA; Top Dogs, a show celebrating top South African achievers; a talk show No Reservations and in print, Top Billing Magazine.


Top Billing logo

Top Billing

The Top Billing brand is synonymous with a lifestyle that encompasses style, quality and discernment.  The show places great emphasis on a quality lifestyle that is in keeping with international trends in fashion, decor, travel and a myriad modern conveniences and luxuries.

Top Billing is broadcast on a Saturday evening 6:00pm - 7:00pm on SABC 3, with repeats on a Sunday at 12:00.


Top Travel Logo

Top Travel

Top Travel is South Africa’s premier travel show. The show had a successful run on SABC 3 in South Africa and is now globally on The Travel Channel and across USA on Wealth TV,ulysse nardin replica watches reaching over 10 million high income viewers.   

The show focuses on Jeannie D and Janez Vermeiren who join forces to journey around the world in twenty-six weeks. Whether they fly first class, travel by train, yacht or cruise ship – Top Travel unlocks the viewer’s passport to the world.  

In each episode, Jeannie and Janez stop off in a timeless destination - exploring the best hotels, restaurants, cultures, landmarks, art galleries and activities for that single location. It is a fabulous international soirée, with travel tips and laughs galore from two of the world’s leading globe-trotters.


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SABC 2’s popular weekly magazine programme on  Wednesday night from 19h30 - 20h30, “Pasella”, offers viewing for the whole family. The down-to-earth approach to lifestyle is in line with its aim to be achievably aspirational, thereby providing South Africans with the information to improve their lives. Pasella is an Afrikaans programme, but in celebrating our country, it embraces all our people, our different cultures and the wonderful diversity of life on the Southern tip of Africa.



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Top Dogs

“Top Dogs” is a thirteen-week series flighted on SABC 3.  The show celebrates successful South Africans who have thought out of the box, followed their vision, and made a difference to our society.

Each week we meet up with extraordinary South Africans who are refreshingly different, stay true to their roots and have become successful through extraordinary thinking.



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No Reservations

“No Reservations” is a talk show anchored by four presenters who don’t hold back when it comes to voicing their opinions. Basetsana Kumalo and Carol Bouwer, partnered with Michelle Garforth-Venter and Katie Mohamed, create the powerful, glamorous team behind this chatty and honest show.  All four presenters and guest presenter, Jen Sue, are established personalities with respected opinions. The all-woman cast have been friends for years, having all worked in the local Entertainment Industry. As a result, the natural flow of conversation, energy and “at-ease” atmosphere between them is something most producers struggle for years to create. The attractive, inspirational and sexy quartet will get you thinking about real life issues in an in-depth and educational way.


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Top Billing Magazine

Tswelopele Publishing, produces a sophisticated glossy print magazine, ”Top Billing Magazine”, that covers the best of the good life in terms of homes, décor, food, gardens and travel.  “Top Billing Magazine” celebrates it’s sixth birthday this year.  Its success stems from the ability to translate a brand from television to print. Tswelopele has also enjoyed great success with the publication of the best-selling “Pasella” cookbooks.  The first Pasella” recipe book was the biggest selling single item in Woolworths South Africa during the festive season of 2006/2007.
The Top Billing TV show and the magazine, connect with viewers and readers through brand building events in proud association with SABC3 – hosting art workshops, food and wine pairing events, and travel opportunities to local and international destinations. Thanks to the experience of these brand building events - the company has the ability to stage manage and co-ordinate successful, stylish lifestyle functions that appeal to those who live and aspire to live the best of the good life.

The Top Billing Magazine closed its doors at the end of 2011 however, much of the magazine content has found a new home on