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Behind the scenes with Wimpie

Behind the scenes with Wimpie Ackermann


Behind the scenes in Australia with Wimpie Ackermann

I'm a Belieber

In my 10 years at Top Billing I have travelled to just about everywhere, but funny enough, never Australia or New Zealand!  So I was more than excited to finally go Down Under for an interview with Justin Bieber!

I can't really say that I've ever been a huge Justin Bieber fan, but as father to a 12 year old daughter, I am well informed and hear his music on a daily basis.

I knew it was going to be a tough one, long flights, only myself and Presenter Search finalist Lauren Blackwell, no extra hands, but I was up for the challenge!
I was in schock to see the young girls and even some Moms line the streets, camping out, all for a glimpse of the young man.  They handed Lauren gifts, cards, chocolates and flowers to please please give to him.  The last time I saw women go this crazy was when Elvis took to the stage!
The Live show was really good, I enjoyed it more than I expected to and the guy is really talented.  His crew was really great to work with and there was an amazing vibe backstage!  We were allocated a 20 minute slot for the interview and set-up.  Lauren handled herself very well, but was a ball of nerves!  Justin was very patient and helpful, he tried to put her at ease and made jokes all the way.

Wimpie Ackermann meets Justin Bieber

Australia was amazing!  We did a short tour of Sydney in between the Live Show and the interview.  I can't wait for my next visit and to see more of the beautiful country.
Overall a very good experience and the signed CD is sure to get me that "Dad of the year Award" and I can now also say, "I get it, I'm a Belieber!"

Justin Bieber signed CD

User comments:

By: Amber
18 October 2013 09:46:30
If I can not walk, I'll fly. I could not sleep God kept me awake .And I saw the film Never Tell Me Never about you I also had an aedccint an aedccint of the soul And seeing how someone like you passed as you did you beat chaos and I decided to regain my cluttered life .I never actually flew, since I book flight films delights me fly I saw that you did inspired me I will at least let his mind fly Thank you exist and you're the way you are for example that you give it.God bless you! Never Tell Me Never Per aspera ad astra.Excelsior

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