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Elrico Bellingan Citizen of Fashion

Elrico Bellingan Citizen of Fashion blog on Top Billing

Elrico Zarr Bellingan is experienced writer, stylist and fashionista who is based in Cape Town. His background in fashion design and passion for travel has resulted in a unique signature style.   See more of Elrico's work at:



Get Bonang’s Monochrome Look!

“The lack of colour is a big trend this summer” Bonang stated on last week’s show and she showed us just how to rock the monochrome trend as seen at Fashion Weeks all over the world.

Looking effortless and elegant in an Audrey Hepburn inspired dress may be easy for Bonang but as we don't get dress in evening wear everyday I have sourced a few items that can easily be incorporated into your daily wardrobe.

Here are two tips to make sure you are choosing clothes that are flattering for your body type:
    •    Vertical stripes makes you look slim and slender and takes the focus off any imperfections...
    •    Avoid horizontal stripes if you are short or busty – it can make you look short and much bigger than you actually are!

Get the celebrity monochrome look

Get your closet monochrome ready:
1.    Dress – MANGO
2.    Jacket – Mr Price
3.    Shirt – Mr Price
4.    Heels – ZARA
5.    Handbag – ZARA
6.    Leather Belt – Topshop

Enjoy shopping ladies!!
Elrico Bellingan

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