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From Behind The Lens - by Angie Lázaro

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60s Boho fashion shoot

Barefoot Happy Flower People…
60s Boho fashion shoot

It’s Spring – my favourite time of year.  The flowers are out in abundance with the delicate petals peering all around. However, on the day of the shoot there was still a touch of the winter chill in the air. Wrapped in scarves, jackets and jerseys we headed for Elgin’s Old Mac Daddy Luxury Trailer Park which is nestled in nature and orchards. The trailers are individually designed but we chose not to feature them (perhaps for another shoot) … I wanted to highlight the naturalness of being, to express the enchantment with oneself in nature.

Maryke our female model, is such a beautiful creature with a great softness about her, yet with enough feistiness to get into the role of cheeky-garden-nymph-ess. And then there was Luc, the male model, I am sure he doesn’t often get to just play and relax on shoot, although looking natural can be hard work. For the opening DPS I shot Luc and Maryke walking down a dusty path, walking wasn’t quite right, more like a skip, jiggle and dance was required. Maryke says to Luc, “Play a tune in your head… la, la, la, la, trala, la, laaaa….. and then you just get into it!” Better direction than that I couldn’t have offered. I wanted the models to be part of the environment, so I chose to shoot through flowers, branches and foliage, but not too much: “We must still be able to see the fashion,” says Alexis – Fashion Editor.

I had Luc running through an apple orchard in another shot, I, of course, was nestled in the long sheaths of grass, peering this way and that. By the end, my Levi’s had developed their own personality.

Carl was on set too, as you know he is one of my favourite make-up artists. He made Maryke’s hair light and bouncy, with romantic curls and natural smoky make-up with an accent on the 60s eyelashes. I love lashes.

In the front garden there was lavender growing tall and the sun was just behind, I placed Maryke in front creating a wispy, ethereal mood. I was kneeling deep in soft fertile soil, I could feel the denim fibres soak up the moisture, whilst trying hard not to care. The lavender rose-up to meet Maryke’s flowing kimono, as she swirled and danced. This is what dreams are made of.

I went scouting for a romantic spot for the next shot. The light had changed so the initial plan needed adjusting. I discovered a gorgeous tree filled with soft pink blooms, “that’s it,” I grinned. The tree was heavy with flowers which hung in every direction, the models leant against the tree framed by the pink blooms. I had the grass waving in the foreground as the sun softened behind clouds, creating the perfect mood. These partly this-and-that-days, usually produce the best light.

The last spot was in the orchard that had just started to shoot its first leaves and spring blooms. I put Maryke between the branches, when Alexis suggested we add the blue scarf… for flowing effect – I must say I do love a genius on set. Carl, of course, tried to create a breeze for more flow and blew, and blew – at first I had no idea what the bellowing ‘pfffffft’ sound was all about – oh dear Carl, you can’t pay for that kind of contribution. Maryke’s wrist technique got a good flow and voila another beautiful shot.

With a satiated heart, and in need of a shower we headed back home.


On set: Angie Lázaro (Photographer); Alexis Chaffe (Fashion Editor);  Carl Issacs for Yardley (Hair & make-up); Yolandi Morkel(Fashion Assistant).

Location: Old Mac Daddy Luxury Trailer Park,

Models: Maryke from Max Models; Luc from Boss Models

User comments:

By: Drake
29 November 2015 04:53:22
I'm impressed! You've managed the almost imlssoibpe.

By: Maurine
26 September 2015 01:07:38
အ ဒ သ ခ င လ အရမ အရမ က က တ .....When you smile... The whole world stops and stares for a while cuz you are aainmzg.. just the way you are~~~~

By: Lynell
16 January 2015 07:55:48
Check that off the list of things I was coufnsed about.

By: Marga Sala Isern
08 May 2014 21:49:50
La verdad es que es muy refrescante, las flores en los campos o casas y las
fotos cogen un encanto especial, me ha gustado mucho, felicidades....en
general todas las opciones son muy bonitas....Marga Sala Isern

By: Tael
17 October 2013 00:58:20
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