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The Beauty Bulletin: Get the Celeb Look

“Smokey eyes” like Kim Kardashian:
“Smokey eyes” like Kim Kardashian
The “Smokey eye” is a timeless, definitive look that never goes out of fashion, it’s also Kim’s signature look. Here are some easy steps to create this look
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Christina Aguilera’s perfect red pout:
Christina Aguilera’s perfect red pout
Christina Aguilera’s famous look is her red pout. Despite her ever-changing appearance, more often than not, you will find her sporting her classic red lip.
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Jennifer Anirston's Flawless Complexion:
Jennifer Anirston's Flawless Complexion
Jennifer Aniston’s make up is always naturally beautiful. She has makeup on but she looks like she is not wearing any.
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Halle Berry's Fabulous Cheeks:
Halle Berry's Fabulous Cheeks
Halle Berry's signature look is: Light lips complimented with natural eyes and sculpted cheekbones.
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Angelina Jolie's Eyes:
Angelina Jolie's Eyes
Angelina Jolie's eyes are always quite natural, if you look closely, though, you will see liner and shadows in colors that blend into her skin.
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Blake Lively's Gossip Girl Glow:
Blake Lively's Gossip Girl Glow
Blake Lively has flawless skin and in order to achieve this radiant look you need to follow the following steps closely
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Timeless beauty: Julia Roberts:
Timeless beauty: Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts has always been seen as the epitome of unconventional beauty. Even at 42 and after mothering 3 children, Julia is still as fresh faced
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Celeb Look: Cameron Diaz:
Celeb Look: Cameron Diaz
The “Cameron Diaz” another perfect look to rock this Summer....
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Get Sarah Jessica Parker's Look:
Get Sarah Jessica Parker's Look
Her individuality and style makes her a fashionista across the board. While her fashion sense may be more bold and eccentric her makeup is slightly more subtle.
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Celeb Look: Victoria Beckham:
Celeb Look: Victoria Beckham
As the new LA style icon, Victoria Beckham claims to be down-to-earth about her beauty rituals we all know it takes lots of work to look perfectly polished.
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Celeb Look: Jennifer Lopez:
Celeb Look: Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez’s make up is always sun -kissed and is flawless. She always has a natural glow and consistently turns heads on the red carpet.
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Celeb Look: Nicole Richie:
Celeb Look: Nicole Richie
Nicole Richie is known for her fabulous boho beauty, and ever the trendsetter, she’s updated her look yet again.
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