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Greg: My Top Billing Dream

My Top Billing Dream Reality Show contestant Greg

With a degree in Global Business Leadership and a postgraduate qualification in film and television production, Greg has been working hard in developing his practical skills set as a producer, writer and actor, while social development work in South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi and India has kept him inspired to reach the nations in a practical way.

Selected as one of South Africa’s Brightest Young Minds in 2010, one of the first selected protégés for The Chosen Leading CEO Council and a member of the International Golden Key Academic Honorary Society, he is adamant to reach his full potential as a leader to impact those around him.

Never afraid of jumping into projects and getting his hands dirty, this creative and passionate individual aspires to help others and give back to the community.

Being part of the Top 10 has been exhilarating for Greg so far. “It has been a dream, completely overwhelming. There’s this excitement of not knowing what’s coming next. It keeps you on your toes. In this scenario everyone is on an equal footing; no one has a head start.”

Will Greg's passion, drive and creativity win you over, while he chases his dream of becoming the next Top Billing presenter?

Greg's profile

Unseen footage


Greg's Fashion Show experience:


Sneak-Peek for Week 4:



Week 3 Judge's comments:




Greg's Celebrity Interview insert:



Sneak-Peek for Week 3:



Greg's travel insert:


Greg's link and judges comments for Task 2:


Greg says:

Week 1:
On his makeover experience:
“It was a heartsore moment to let go of the Tintin hairstyle. I also had to learn about dresscode. It was like learning how to get dressed for the first time. It definitely took me back to my toddler years.”

On the mock elimination:
“The elimination was just crazy. Up to that point, everything was like a fairytale; there was a massive group dynamic where everyone was cozy and cuddly. The elimination made things very real. My heart was beating so fast and I had butterflies, but I taught them how to fly in formation.”

Week 2:
On the Knysna task:
“Knysna was a breath of fresh air from the craziness of the first week. We actually got to do challenges focused around presenting and that's when I realised that Top Billing isn't looking for another Michael Mol or Simba. They want someone fresh and new, so I could just be myself.”

Week 3:
On the Isidingo Interviewing task:
"As Lady Luck would have it I was first to do my interview- which resulted in a crazy dash from the airport straight to Gold Reef City- no time for settling in or having extra prep time. It was sink or swim-thank goodness I was already dressed to go! I knew it was a make or break challenge and a wake-up call that as a presenter you are not going to be spoon-fed with ideal circumstances to conduct the perfect interview. You have to be ready to handle every curve- ball. After meeting Jack for the 1st time (and setting up with the crew) it was clear to me that I was not going to be given any specific direction as what to do next. I read between the lines that it was time for me to take the lead and start this interview."

"Jack and I kicked off on a light note but soon some unexpected surprises surfaced. I had all sorts of challenges thrown my way, especially when it came to the sounds of the theme park competing with my voice. From spine-chilling screeching to mechanical roars to ‘tug boat’ sounds... all I needed next was a brass band to walk past! The great thing was that I made the comedy of the moment part of my interview which turned out to be fun! Like they say if life throws you lemons make lemon juice! Jack also unexpectedly threw the questions back into my court halfway during the interview. I remember thinking: ‘ This is odd...I thought I’m the one who’s supposed to be asking questions?!’ Nevertheless I accepted this challenge by responding from the heart! Jack was a true star - the real personification of someone who never let go of his dream! A man patiently proactive in honing his craft until his break arrived! I identified with him in his view of using the platform of celebrity with humility and responsibility." 

On what he learnt during the third challenge"
"Research is key! You have to know who you are talking to. As a presenter you are not going to be spoon-fed with ‘ideal circumstances’ to conduct the perfect interview. You have to be ready to handle every curve- ball! Expect the unexpected! I learned that even though one may prepare a few questions beforehand it is more important to listen and respond authentically. One needs to make use of what happens in the moment. The interview does not only take place while the cameras are rolling, but rather the moment you meet your interviewee and even after the cameraman has cut."

On what it was like to interview a celeb:
"It was great to get a taste of what a real Top Billing presenter has to handle in the field! Being face-to-face with a professional, realising celebrities are human just like me, gaining nuggets of wisdom and getting inspired was a highly enriching experience!"

Week 4:
On the fashion show: 
"It was my debut on the runway, so there was a good combination of excitement and trepidation.  The best part by far was the MC'ing and also sharing the stage with Happy Feet.  The response from the audience, especially being in my hometown, was overwhelming."

On the highlight of the competition:
"It's a combination of things, really. It was a learning curve, where i got a taste of the industry.  There is no other competition or experience where, in such a short space of time, your strengths and weaknesses get highlighted.  You truly get to see the realities of the television industry."

On leaving the show:
"It was a bit of a surprise.  I was feeling very consistent up until that point and to get booted out without a second chance was difficult.  However, the response from the public and my fellow contestants was great.  They were really heartfelt and gave so much encouragement.  When one door closes, another one opens; I didn't lose anything through this competition, I only gained."


Behind the scenes photographs

Behind the scenes on Greg's make-over

Behind the scenes on Greg's makeover


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