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Jonathan: My Top Billing Dream

My Top Billing Dream Reality Show contestant Jonathan

Jonathan Boynton-Lee has an incredibly calm air about him and an infectious energy that inspires just about anyone. After majoring in Drama and TV Journalism at Rhodes University, he began his journey directing, acting and writing for theatre before making the big transition to film.

Family means everything to Jonathan, who remains inspired by his adoptive parents and has a close relationship with his two-and-a-half-year-old nephew.

“My nephew actually broke the news to me that I made it into the Top 10,” he says. “While I was being interviewed he came into the room, sat on my lap and said something over and over. Eventually I realised he was saying top 10, top 10, top 10. I was so stunned. I looked at him and said, ‘really’? and he just nodded. That’s how I found out. I was ecstatic.”

The good news still hasn’t sunk in for Jonathan. “It’s been insane. It still doesn’t feel like I’m in the Top 10. My feet haven’t hit the ground yet.”

Will Jonathan’s sincere character and friendly demeanour turn out to be just what Top Billing is looking for?

Jonathan's PROFILE



Unseen footage


Sneak-Peek for Week 5:


Jonathan's Fashion Show experience:


Sneak-Peek for Week 4:



Week 3 Judge's comments:



Jonathan's Celebrity Interview insert:



Sneak-Peek for Week 3:



Jonathan's travel insert:


Jonathan's link and judges comments for Task 2:



contestant quotes

Jonathan says:

On his makeover experience:

“I've definitely learnt what goes well on me clothing-wise. They also changed the colour of my hair and I've never thought of doing that before, but I quite like it so I think I'll keep it like this.”

On the mock elimination:
“It was nerve-wracking and everybody was feeling the tension. You can't expect anything anymore and just have to take it as it comes. It's pointless wondering what is still coming.”

Week 2:
On the Knysna task:

“It was my first time in Knysna and it was amazing. I had a good first experience with my interviewee. He was very camera-shy, so I had to carry the whole interview. I definitely found my character in front of the camera.”

Week 3:
On his interview with Marisa Drummond:
"With regards to my Isidingo experience, my celeb was amazing. What a beautiful person inside and out. She really opened up to me, especially when we started to talk about family. I learned not to see them as "celebs" but as "friends". The moment you look at them as celebs there is a barrier that's created and you are unable to relax and get the conversation flowing. Luckily Marisa was really friendly so creating that relaxed conversational flow was easy. There were two things that made the interview a bit tricky. Marisa has the most amazing eyes and I literally went blank in the beginning and forgot all my questions (laughs). The other tricky thing was the "set up's" that the crew arranged. Like the make up artist walking into shot and the entire crew laughing. But it was a valuable lesson in just staying calm and on track. Once you have established a friendly and relaxed rapport with your interview subject you get into a zone and distractions tend to be easily dealt with. Though they definitely got me laughing! All in all it was a fantastic learning experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can't wait for another celeb interview!"

Week 4:
On the fashion show:
"It's all a blur. It was so chaotic and the energy was amazing. I know like two people in Cape Town so to hear crowds shouting my name and going crazy was completely surreal. You can never get used to that kind of attention. It's not normal."

On the best part of the fashion show: 
"I loved the chaotic energy backstage, then the completely different chaos on stage. That backstage/onstage dichotomy has fascinated and inspired me since my early theatre days."

On the toughest part of the fashion show? 
"Modeling the tiny costume and living with the consequences of my "superman" pose. I still haven't figured out exactly what "that pose" was but it will haunt my dreams forever. I've learnt to embrace and enjoy every second of every moment, no matter how daunting it may seem. It may just be a defining moment in your life. You can't let that pass you by without taking hold of it with both hands. Oh and "never ever be afraid to laugh at yourself. You may be missing out on the joke of the century"

Week 5: 
On the adventure challenge:
"One of the most memorable weeks of my life. I'm a complete sucker for adventure sports because it allows me to to play like a kid again. It doesn't get any better than that."

Behind the scenes photographs

Behind the scenes on Jonathan's make-over:

Behind the scenes on Jonathan's makeover




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