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Zama M: My Top Billing Dream

My Top Billing Dream Reality Show contestant Zama M

This young, adventurous and fun-loving Sharks flasher is out to take the world by storm! Zama Mtshali has an insatiable curiosity about the world and a great love for meeting and interacting with new people – two qualities that will stand her in excellent stead as a TV presenter.

“When I started watching Top Billing, I realised that this is what I wanted to do. Top Billing is different, it’s not totally scripted. It’s about personality and creativity, so I’d be able to show my quirky side on camera.”

Appearing on TV is nothing new for Zama, who can regularly be seen on the sidelines of the Shark Tank in Durban, spurring on her favourite team with fellow Shark flashers. However, she feels there is more to life for her.

"I want to a role model, especially to other youngsters who have not come from wealthy backgrounds – to show them that they can succeed regardless of their circumstances through continuous hard work and prayer, and perhaps even one day  have the chance to live the 'Top Billing dream'."

Will Zama win you over with her charismatic and fun-loving personality?




 Unseen footage

Zama M's travel insert: 


Zama M's link and judges comments form Task 2:

contestant quotes

Zama M says:

On her makeover experience:
“My transformation was probably the most drastic, with regard to my hair. I like long hair and have always had long hair. I walked in with this long mane and the hairdresser said he wanted to give me a pixie-cut. I was really apprehensive, but he said he turned me into a Halle Berry lookalike.”

“The experience taught me to trust other people. I also learnt quite a bit, especially that long hair hids the shape of your face, while the short pixie-cut shapes my jawline and really makes my features stand out.”

On the mock elimination:
“Prior to the elimination it was very stressful. There was so much tension because we had a long wait and didn't know what to expect. Once we arrived we were told to do an improv link and I blew it. I let my nerves get the better of me. It got even worse finding out that I was in the bottom two. But it's taught me to take control of my nerves, not to compare myself to the other contestants but just focus on me and to work hard, give my best and let God take care of everything else.”

On the Knysna task:
“Knysna is such an amazing place. We did things that we wouldn't normally get the chance to do. I got the opportunity to kayak, which I've never done before, as well as taking a trip on the John Benn to the Knysna Heads.”

Behind the scenes photographs

Behind the scenes on Zama M's make-over:

Behind the scenes on Zama M's makeover



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