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Top Billing features a beautiful container home getaway location

Exterior Of Home

Lucas Steyn's beautifully designed ontainer home offers a unique getaway from the city.

When young entrepreneur Lucas Steyn decided that he wanted a unique container home, he was surprised to find that there is now an entire company specialising in these once completely unheard-of structures.

On his family’s farm outside Bot River, Lucas has brought steel re-cycling and off-grid living together in this weekend getaway which he now rents out as a part of his own brand of eco-tourism.

Lucas, previously a night club owner, became obsessed with the idea of container living after seeing pictures of one, and he was one of the first to join the affordable and sustainable building rend.

When he realised the business potential of renting the space out he gave sold his nightclub and focused on his new venture fully, ensuring that it was as off the grid and environmentally conscious as possible.

Hot Tub

The walls were insulated with non-combustible mineral wool, clad in re-cyclable boarding and a plywood floor makes a base for laminated tiles, while the interior was designed to be chic and minimalist.

Lucas isn’t the only one who saw the potential in using container structures, entrepreneur Alicia Kalil of Berman- Kalil Housing saw the lack of infrastructure in South Africa along with the potential of turning containers into low-cost medical clinics, classrooms as well as homes. Together they were going to push the boundaries.  

While the construction process was not without it’s own challenges, the final product is a gorgeous eco-friendly space that has been proving hugely popular, though the stunning location and mountain views certainly don’t hurt.

View From Living Room

As properties like these may become a cost-effective alternative for a country looking to develop more infrastructure, it’s good to know that once you’ve got the containers where you need them, a supportive, online, eco-wise community is ready to help you create a wonderful space.


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