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Top Billing meets showbiz brothers SK and Abdul Khoza

Khoza brothers on Top Billing Top Billing spends a day with showbiz brothers SK and Abdul Khoza

They’re as different as night from day, but these two brothers are taking the entertainment industry by storm.

Naturally competitive, Sthembiso was the first born of the brothers. He excelled in cricket, rugby, soccer and karate – which he practices to this day. Winning his black belt before he was even a teenager, all signs pointed to this passion becoming a career and he studied sports management.

Top Billing features the Khoza brothers 2

It was by chance that he fell in to the entertainment industry, and when he arrived early one day for an interview on a talk show, he was mistaken for an actor auditioning for a TV role, and he nailed it! Today he’s an accomplished actor, and was recently a finalist for COSMO’s Sexiest Man 2019.

Top Billing features the Khoza brothers 3

On the personal front, SK’s greatest joy would be to see his daughters Ayanda and Yaya graduate. They are his chief motivation – even if they’re not yet old enough to watch the telenovela he stars in. Family values are important to the actor, which explains how he stays so close to his brother.
Abdul Khoza is a SAFTA winner and a star on another hit drama series. Since his first big role on Intersexions, drama has become his mainstay. His creativity has a number of outlets and now also finds expression in hip hop, with his group Audio Assasins releasing an EP soon.

With the demands of work, fitness is a routine he practices at home. One which used to come with the job - during his years in the Defence Force and fire brigade. His meat free diet is another way he stays healthy.

Top Billing features the Khoza brothers 4

Lunch at SK’s house was a chance to see what a team the brothers are, even if Abdul is vegetarian and his brother not, each is quite prepared to cook for the other if it means they can spend time together. The icing on the cake is witnessing each other’s career and family flourish, honouring - and passing on - the belief that their parents instilled in them.

Spending time with these two is enough to make you want to call your sibling for a get together!


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