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Ayanda explores New York and tries new lifestyle trends on Top Billing

Ayanda tries Sir John's favourite lifestyle spots in New York

You’ve heard it said of beauty that ‘what you put into your body is as important as what you put on’. In New York, it’s a way of living, from juice pharmacies to face gym, so Ayanda got beauty legend Sir John to guide her to the best inner beauty emporiums in the Big Apple.

Top Billing Sir John New York

As the make-up maestro to Beyonce and music and fashion’s biggest stars, New York is at the crossroads of everything Sir John does, and he is a big advocate of the “beauty through health” philosophy.

After quickly touching base, he sent Ayanda off to her first stop, Juice Generation. Clients of this juice stop include Lady Gaga, Leonardo DiCaprio and Paul McCartney, making the people who work here justifiably proud.

Top Billing Sir John New York

The idea is that the store offers health and wellness fresh and made to order with nutritious and fresh ingredients combined for an effective and delicious intake. They also offer a revolutionary juice pharmacy with preventative and reparative tonics that are perfect for you, whether you’re feeling under the weather or recovering from a flight.

Sir John’s personal favourite is the root recovery juice, which contains a lot of leafy greens that offer vitamins and minerals, great for a beauty kick!

Ayanda’s path took her to Sir John’s next recommend destination, CAP Beauty, where products are entirely natural, using plant power to change your body, inside and out.

Cindy Diprima Morisse champions ingredients which were designed to heal and return our cells to a state of balance, to counter the effects of a stressful, on-the-go lifestyle.

Top Billing Sir John New York

The store is one of the first beauty outlets to incorporate food and supplements in to the beauty routine. The store advocates a group of herbs called adaptagens, which can be used yo help your body find balance. They have developed a new collection of adaptagens fitting for different times of the day, and aptly called 8AM, 4PM and 10PM, which serve to help you wake up, feel revived, and sleep well.

Many New Yorkers, feel that meditation helps to improve their sleep, strengthen their immunity against infections, and lowers their blood pressure and anxiety. Matt Bradley of MNDFL provides a space and know how to get them there, and it was Ayanda’s next stop!

The studios ethos is “space to breathe” and has become and oasis for New Yorkers, with over 35 teachers teaching from different traditions of meditation. There’s something for everyone!

Before big events, many top athletes centre themselves through quiet meditation and this studio offers the same efficient way to calm the mind during a hectic work day.

After some meditation, Ayanda had one last stop –  The Face Gym. After a two year study in face massage and muscle stimulation, the first half hour face workout was created, the debut gym opened in London, and New York soon followed suit.

Top Billing Sir John New York

The concept is a non-invasive facial work out, that helps with tightening, toning and lifting face muscles.

The focus is on the forty or more muscles from the neck up. Since these govern our expression, they are central to the signs of age, emotion and energy that others read in our faces.
Our faces get a natural workout, interacting with other people, but balance is key and some added stimulation helps to keep them in shape.
Skin and muscle react directly to external stimulus and so the direct, element of touch involved in each of these workouts is meant to enliven our faces at every level.

Ayanda left New York with a definite glow, and making these juices, meditations and workouts a habit is a big step towards sustainable beauty.  Just ask Sir John.


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