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DIY Storage Ideas

DIY Bed draws

Safe under the mattress

No space under your bed to stash your bits and bobs? No problem – just make some! Jeannie cleverly created this storage space inside our old mattress base (I just hope she doesn’t think she can store her excess shoes in here now…)

words Lee Stopforth production Lee Stopforth and Brian Khumalo photographs Evert Theron


With winter in full swing we’re all finding ourselves with unneeded clothes cramping our cupboard space. Storing out-of-season clothes is a major problem for guys and gals, but an easy solution is to make use of the space under your bed. Aaah, but your have a double mattress and can’t fit a storage drawer under your mattresses? Well, who said anything about having a storage drawer under your mattress…


Difficulty rating



Shopping list


Pine laminated shelving (cut to size)

4 x 800mm x 200mm

4 x 664mm x 200mm

Extension ball-bearing draw rails

Ebony stain

Roller and paint tray

No 10 biscuits

16mm self-tapping screws

30mm chipboard screws

Corner blocks

3mm masonite cut to size

2 x 800mm x 700mm

Alcolin glue


Tool List

Cordless drill

32mm spade drill bit

4mm drill bit

Spirit level

Stanley blade

Tape measure


step 1
First measure and then mark out the desired size for the drawer that you would like to slide into your mattress base. Cut open the fabric on the side of the bed to expose the raw wood and to gain access to the previously unseen insides of the base (bet you never thought you’d one day be operating on your mattress!). Now it’s important to carefully check to see if your bed base will allow the size of drawer you require – if not, you might need to adjust your plans for what you want to store in your bed.

DIY Bed draws 

step 2
Using the biscuit cutter, cut groves in all the ends of the laminated pine shelving that need to be joined. Apply the glue in each

hole, insert the biscuit, clamp and then allow time to dry for 2-4 hours.


step 3
Finally, it’s time to prepare the base. Remove any obstacles from inside and then check to see what inner support is needed in order to allow the base to receive and store the drawer. Jeannie was on top of her DIY game as she cleverly used some off-cut supawood from our DIY studio to create the necessary side support that would hold up the mattress (although an off-cut from the laminated shelving would work just as well). Reinforce as much as possible as you have removed some support. Jeannie secured the new inner support to the existing framework with corner blocks and 30mm chipboard screws. This new piece will now add to the support and accommodate the drawer.


Top Tip

Start by cutting a hole that is smaller than the space you have measured for your drawer. It’s easier to cut the hole bigger later – but if you start with a hole that is too big then you’ve got real problems…

step 4 
Secure the drawer rail to the drawer as well as to the inner side wall. Use the spirit level when securing this rail as that will ensure

the drawer slides smoothly and with ease.



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