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Fez Mkhize is first runner up in Mr World 2019

Our presenter Fezile Mkhize is first runner up in the Mr World pageant! 
Top Billing Fezile Mkhize Mr World

Following his amazing victory at Mr World South Africa 2019, our own Fez Mkhize travelled to the Philippines to compete in Mr World 2019 alongside 71 other contestants from around the globe.

From the talent competition to the fitness test and the traditional wear portion of the competition, the 25-year-old doctor wowed judges and audiences, so it was no surprise when he was named first runner up! 

Mexico's Brian Faugier was awarded the title of second runner-up, while England's Jack Heslewood claimed the top title of Mr World 2019.

As first runner up Fez also earned the title of Mr World Africa, and hopes to use his new platform to empower communities all over the continent.

You can catch Fezile's full Mr World journey in the Philippines on Top Billing - September 14th 2019 at 6PM!

What did you most enjoy about the Mr World experience?
Meeting all of my new brothers- going into it we all had all sorts of pre-conceptions and when we actually met each other we were blown away by how much we all had in common. I think regardless of how things end up that’s what shows like this one are about- unifying people who seemingly have a lot of external differences.

How were your fellow contestants?
I loved them! From Tonga to Saint Maarten every single delegate was unique. We all had to go through the early mornings and late nights which formed bonds that I will treasure for the rest of my life- we are actually planning a big meet up later in the year in the Caribbean so I really have found a whole new family of brothers.

How did it feel to be named 1st runner up for Mr World 2019?
It was surreal, having gone through all of the challenges in those 3 weeks and having only had a week to prepare for everything, it was incredibly humbling to place. More than anything it was a reflection of my phenomenal team who worked tirelessly to make sure our South African flag was flown very high. Armand, Johan, Lure and of course my beautiful partner Anesu all deserved to be on that stage.

What was your highlight (non-competition related) of the Philippines?
The people, as much as I loved when we travelled to PotiPot Island and explored Zimbales, it was the people and their exceptional hospitality that will always stick with me when I think of the Philippines- they truly stole my heart.

Which part of the competition was most challenging for you?

The talent section! I hadn’t told anyone this but I actually came up with my talent an hour before the auditions, because of the time constraints it was one of the sections that we couldn’t adequately address. The crazy thing was that I eventually made it to the semi-finals with my makeshift gumboot dance.
How was the support from South Africa during the whole competition journey?
The support was incredible! I had so many messages from supporters and their confidence in me and our eventual success was the biggest driving force- especially during those tiring nights with long rehearsals. I can’t thank everyone enough for all of it.
You are now Mr World Africa, what’s next?

I am so excited to get to setting out all the philanthropic projects I have planned with my team- with most of them centred around the upliftment of children, and environmental repair and awareness building. I will also be making a lot trips into Africa to meet with the delegates from other respective countries to also help facilitate their local projects.
Top Billing Fezile Mkhize Mr World
Photos: Rudi du Toit 
Did you miss Fezile's Mr World South Africa victory before he set off for the Philippines? Enjoy the full thing below! 

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