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Jonathan and Stevel Marc explore the Drakensberg

Jonathan Boynton-Lee and Stevel Marc explore the Drakensberg
Photograph by: Stevel Marc

Jonathan and Stevel Marc explore the Drakensberg

Jonathan and Jamaican model/ author Stevel Marc met on the set of a film called Hell Trip. 
Today they’re the best of buddies and next they take a far happier road trip - back through Jon’s childhood in the Drakensberg.

Three hours from Joburg or Durban, the area around The Royal Natal National Park is just one or two good playlists away. Winter offers rare quiet time in Stevel’s modelling schedule and since he recently took up professional photography Jon offered him a
chance to shoot the big Sky country surrounding the Tugela River.

A couple who feel the same way about the Drakensburg are Chris and Loretta Mecklenborg. They built and manage the King Swing as part of a whole adventure industry they’ve set up here.

Jonathan Boynton-Lee and Stevel Marc explore the Drakensberg 2
Photograph by: Stevel Marc

Chris is a native of New York, who moved here to start a family and ended up building a hundred and fifty kilometres of adventure trails – plus one mighty scary swing.

Some post-adrenaline spoiling followed - at The Cavern Resort and Spa - now run by a third generation of the Carte Family and a longtime friend of Jonathan’s, Megan Bedingham.

Stevel is at home with his softer side, though he wasn’t always. Realising he had intimacy issues, he decided to interview eight hundred men and women about relationships, then published his findings under the title – The Refined Player.

Jonathan Boynton-Lee and Stevel Marc explore the Drakensberg 3
Photograph by: Stevel Marc

The film career of this Caribbean star has allowed him to discover other parts of South Africa like Belfast, Mpumalanga and Debengeni Waterfall in Limpopo.

The move to photography allows for an enduring career in modelling and Stevel has the advantage of knowing the ropes from both sides of the lens.

Instead of paying a location scout to find him dazzling, new backdrops for photoshoots, Stevel was discovering his own.

Having read what The Refined Player says about being friends with exes, Jon thought he’d demonstrate what a healthy friendship ‘he’ has with Lindsay Carte du Plessis

Horse-riding is a big plus on an actor’s CV and like any good cowboy Mr. Marc was teaching himself to ride & shoot. The three thousand hectares of private mountain reserve around the Carte family’s lodge was ideal country to learn.

Whether you have an old flame in the area or not, there are so many reasons to make the Drakensburg your next weekend getaway – and they have brilliant Winter rates.


King Swing

The Cavern Resort and Spa

Stevel Marc

Horse riding experience
Montusi Mountain Lodge

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