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Our interior designer this week chats about all things wallpaper!

Designer Etienne Hanekom tells us how to nail the perfect statement wallpaper! 

This week's Top Billing location features a stunning stamp wallpaper and we asked designer Etienne Hanekom exactly how to master that statement style! 

Top Billing wallpaper


1. How did you come across the striking stamp wallpaper and how did you know it would be perfect for the study?
I purchased this paper seven years ago but never had the right space for it, then the stamp room came a long and it was a perfect match! This is a paper from Andrew Martin in the UK and is called Penny Post. I really love his collections, from fabrics to wall papers. 

2. Why did you choose to cover the guest bathroom in the stamp wallpaper too?
Well the guest bathroom leads directly off the stamp room and I originally chose to use a small charcoal bevelled tile on the wall in a herringbone pattern, I thought that I might as well add that extra layer of texture with the charcoal stamp wallpaper to sit comfortably with the glossy bevelled tiles. I think it’s a good balance of pattern repeats and it created a sense of warmth for a very small space. 

Top Billing wallpaper

3. What are the key elements you look for in a feature wallpaper before choosing it for a specific space?
I use feature wallpapers mostly to keep you inside that room, because it lacks a view or maybe because the architecture is not that great. Wallpapers have the ability to open a bit of a fantasy world, sometimes it creates depth and you just get lost in it. Feature wallpapers should have dimension or depth to them. Decorative wallpaper is usually something like the stamp wallpaper used above, where it’s a pattern repeat and is simply there to create another layer.
I also sometimes use plain textures, this is simply to add luxury to a space, be it texture or just the way light falls differently on a paper finish than a painted finish. I love using bold and striking wallpapers, especially in smaller tighter spaces like guest bathrooms where you can really go wild. 

Top Billing wallpaper

4. What tips do you have for someone looking to incorporate a striking wallpaper in their own home?
Wallpaper doesn't work in any space, but if you do choose to use a wallpaper, don’t be scared to push the limits, that’s the idea! Wallpapers are not just meant for walls, you can cover your ceilings if you want to!
The scale of the design you choose should also be kept in mind for the proportions of your room, meaning a big bold oversized print needs space to come alive, and small designs can simply get lost in a big room. A focus wallpaper can really give a boring space life!

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