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Top Billing Catches Up With Spice Empress Mikie Monoketsi

Mikie In Front Of Shop

We catch up with entrepreneur and fitness vlogger Minie Monoketsi, owner of Mama's Spices & Herbs.

Entrepreneur, international fitness vlogger & TV favourite, Minie Monoketsi has come a long way since she started her highly successful herbs and spices brand with just R10 000 - “Mama’s Spices & Herbs.”

For millions of South Africans, Mikie Monoketsi is the woman who helped them get fit while watching TV.  To many others, she’s the healthy living heart & soul of her spice & herbs empire.

Training Outside 

Mikie hails from Kimberley where she experienced life in an impoverished township. It was here where she discovered her entrepreneurial flair and learned that she had the power to determine her own future.

This entrepreneur’s approach to helping people start a healthy lifestyle is to encourage people to actively work towards it. By observing the effects of lack of exercise & poor eating habits, she was prompted to dive into the health foods industry.

Dishes On Dining Table

However, Rome wasn’t built in a day and before her success, Mikie had started her own business but it failed due to her lack of experience.  Losing her husband, home & car did not deter Mikie from pursuing her dream though. 

Upon leaving her marriage with nothing, Mikie sought out the comforts of healthy food & fresh cooking as her next opportunity. The drive paid off as today, she lives in a stylish, comfortable home and has a thriving business model.

Mikie In Gym Attire Smiling

Over the years Mikie has lost friends due to the lifestyle-related illnesses of diabetes & heart disease. It is in educating people on the benefits of exercise & how it can help defeat minor health issues that she finds great reward in. 

Of course, exercise and gym is just one half to the solution. Mikie along with many other fitness gurus believes that the body needs healthy meals which fuel the body as well as the brain.  Her approach to this is healthy ingredients that are easy to prepare.

Cameraman Filming

Mikie discovered, that in addition to good proteins & vegetables many spices are loaded with their benefits. Take turmeric for example, which is an active ingredient in her braai mix, turmeric is loaded with health benefits including anti-cancer properties & anti-inflammatory properties. 

Beyond the kitchen and gym, Mikies recipe for success is simple, by not letting your past dictate your dreams, working hard every day & repeating what’s good and changing what doesn’t, one will go far in life. 

Mikie Sitting For Studio Shot

Mikie also puts together fantastic recipes that are both delicious and that aid in weight-loss. These recipes help flush toxins & fats from our bodies. She also lives by maintaining a healthy eating menu. 

Running the successful “Mama’s Spices & Herbs” is not the end of the road for Mikie’s entrepreneurial side as the success of her venture has become the inspiration for many aspiring entrepreneurs due to the demand for Mikie’s products. These entrepreneurs are starting their own distribution businesses & thus becoming financially independent, all thanks to the remarkable African woman that Mikie is.

Mikie Handing Over Cheque


Mamas Spices & Herbs:

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