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Top Billing Takes You On A Tour Of Athens!

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Maps Maponyane takes us on a guided tour through the ancient ruins of Athens.

Recently we took you on a journey to Greece as Maps Maponyane visited the Grecian & South African fusion restaurant - Kozis. While we were there we decided to take a guided photo tour of some of Greece’s most fascinating ancient ruins as well as getting a feel for the heartbeat of the country’s capital Athens.
Athens is the largest passenger port in Europe with every view jumping out of a painting and the air rich with the scents of Mediterranean cuisine making for the ideal atmosphere to soak up what the ancient Greece capital has meant to us in many aspects of our modern lives.
It was around two and half thousand years ago that the explosion of ideas in medicine, art, engineering, philosophy, architecture and democracy took place in Athens and later adopted by Roman culture and the rest of the Western world as we know it. This makes Athens a heritage for the world and home to photographer Vasilis Germanis. 
Vasilis & Maps take us on a journey through the many Roman arches of Athens which are shared with many a family run taverna, serving much needed frappes until late while an open air movie house - Cine Paris screens classic films. Athens as it stands now, is a culmination of many small villages that became one over the years and as Vasilis & Maps climbs the streets, they become narrower and bring the duo to one of the most charming and unique neighbourhoods on their sightseeing adventure.

Selfie Time
They arrive at the picturesque town of Anafiotika, which sits on the north-eastern side of Acropolis hill. The village is comprised of stunning houses which were built during the era of Otto of Greece.  The pair happen upon a part of the town which has in recent years been decorated with stellar street-art pieces.  They stop for a quick selfie before continuing their trip through the town. 
Currently, there is no rule for when a derelict building becomes a precious ruin, but one can certainly feel that they are walking through history when passing them. Due to the fact that this town is built around the ancient temples of the Acropolis, this town has become known as the “Neighbourhood Of The Gods”.
The word Acropolis roughly translates to “High City” and was built four hundred years prior to the birth of Christ and attracted the best architects, mathematicians, artists & engineers. The influence of their works are still rooted in the designs of modern cities, such as the likes of London, New York and our very own Johannesburg. 
The ancient dramas that played out on the Acropolis influenced longstanding franchises like Star Wars and many rock bands including the Foo Fighters who have played here will agree that the acoustics are unbeatable. 
Although the Athenians suffered at the hands of many invasions by other empires and had many of their buildings destroyed during occupations, but their ideas endured through the ages. Athens has always been a dominant shipping city. For this, they needed to be able to forecast weather and tell the name by day or night. Thus they constructed the world’s first weather station, complete with a clock that ran on flowing water. 
For people wanting to explore the ancient beauty of Athens, you won’t be disappointed. If you take the time to scratch beneath the surface however, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and rewarded with the city’s rich and ancient heritage.

Ancient Ruins On Hill
Lastly, let’s not forget the amiable, humble people, the amazing cuisine and of course the lovely weather. 

Photo Tours In Athens:

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