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Top Billing features the spectacular home of Stephen Falcke

Top Billing features the home of Stephen Falcke
Top Billing features the spectacular home of Stephen Falcke

Stephen Falcke shares his genius in a new book ‘A World of Design’ and his own dream home is pure inspiration.

Stephen Falcke home on Top Billing

Stephen Falcke is one of South Africa’s most prolific interior designers, he’s spent a lifetime creating incredible spaces many of which we’ve featured on Top Billing and now they’re being showcased in his very own book.

Architects and designers Stephen works with and inspires and clients he has wowed in a portfolio spanning 25 years were at the launch of his book “A World of Design”.
In the book Stephen thanks his adoptive mother Lee Falcke who fuelled his love for design and in turn, he’s inspiring a new generation of talents.

Stephen Falcke house

It only seemed fitting that our featured home this week is Stephen’s very own dream home.

Into his Cape Georgian style house have gone special features Stephen has admired in local and international homes through his career. The two and a half years spent fitting his vision to the size and shape of the property have paid off handsomely.
The dynamic tension Stephen achieves in a room also comes from mixing something too big with a piece that’s too small. Or shiny finishes with matte surfaces and balancing those opposites by always having the room in perfect proportion.

Stephen Falcke house 4

A room should never overpower the personality of the owner who lives in it. Spaces need to be the right stage for the actor - whether you’re into classic or alternative design.
Interiors and architecture should work hand in glove and this home is a spectacular example.

Stephen Falcke house 3
If his book achieves anything, Stephen wants it to convey how interiors should be like wonderful food which is so light you don’t even feel you’ve eaten.
Another piece of advice from Stephen is to not underestimate the value of at least one piece of quality furniture in a room. Originals and reproductions are closely priced and antiques are sometimes cheaper than modern copies.

Stephen Falcke house 2
The formal gardens reflect the same principles of proportion, mixing antique with modern, rough with smooth and limiting the colour palette. To Stephen’s partner Keith Smith, Director of Peoples Theatre at The Joburg Theatre, the design is like a subtle performance - drawing you in instead of making a song and dance about it.

Stephen Falcke home on Top Billing 7

Now that just goes to show, if you’ve got the ability to be your own architect, interior designer and landscaper, you’re not just a triple threat future dream home owner, you’re the genius that is Stephen Falcke.
For your chance at winning a signed copy of Stephen’s book ‘A World of Design’ visit the Top Billing Facebook page.


Stephen Falcke

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