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Top Billing takes to the skies with ChianoSky

Top Billing goes on safari with ChianoSky 1
Top Billing takes to the skies with ChianoSky

We uncovered sides to our favourite stars we might not have known and the discovery continues this week on Top Billing with recording artist ChianoSky - in a place we thought we knew but which packs some pretty cool surprises.

Jon and Chiano left for Hartbeespoort Dam to catch up on her career. They returned with a new appreciation for this local is lekker destination – plus, the ability to brew their own beer.

Top Billing goes on safari with ChianoSky 2

Africa is best experienced live! The same is said of the soulful music of ChianoSky who left her natural habitat on stage and in studio to join us in the Glen Afric Country Lodge in Magaliesberg.

After walking with elephants, instead of heading for a local watering hole, the thing to do round here is head for Broederstroom to brew your own pint at Dirk Van Tonder’s Ale House Brewery.

Top Billing goes on safari with ChianoSky 3

The Ale House Brewery ales are brewed with fresh mountain spring water, only the best GMO-free ingredients available and are never bottled. They are made here and consumed locally.

Chiano’s affection for ale was born last December as she was working on a song titled ‘Aunty’ with rapper Kid X. Joining the boys from studio for a beer, she found the taste of a good brew to her liking – and it stuck. Dirk continued her education.

The plus about Dirk’s beer being brewed fresh and with a short shelf life, is that it has to be drunk. And his guests are always happy to help.

Top Billing goes on safari with ChianoSky 4

Dynamite might come in small packages but it also comes in the form of Chiano’s latest release, Diamonds and Gold, featuring acclaimed rapper Kwesta. She approached him to collaborate, he didn’t hesitate and the song and video have taken on a momentum of their own.

After a night in Harties, with the rising sun came another familiar sight to locals - Captain Bill Harrop’s hot air balloon, ascending over the Magalies River Valley, in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage site.

Top Billing goes on safari with ChianoSky 5

Since our guest is such a fan of the great outdoors, wildlife and has shown a readiness to mix it up with the boys, Jon arranged some training for the day Chiano takes her first overland safari. They ventured to the place where city slickers bring their 4x4s for an education in serious off-road driving. Tim Skelton teaches you all about those buttons, dials and levers you have been curious about, and how to get the most out of your 4x4, safely!

Jon has so many skills from writing to editing, directing and acting to producing – none of which were of any use to him as he tried to navigate a donga.

If you can drive a 4x4, make your own pizza and brew your own beer, what more do you need to survive?


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