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Top Billing tours a Parisian inspired renovation home

Top Billing tours Carli Prinloo's Parisian-inspired home

When Carli and her husband Julian Prinsloo found this property five years ago, it wasn’t exactly The Palace of Versailles. Neglected and in need of owners with vision, it caught the eye of precisely the right couple.

Top Billing Carli Prinsloo House  
It was love at first sight when Carli Prinsloo was introduced to French style. A major influence in her personal life and their own home. The couple got engaged in Paris and have integrated parts of the wedding décor seamlessly into their home design.

In renovating their home, the Prinsloo’s added beautiful mouldings to fit the corners of some of the walls and panelled the lower part of every wall themselves, adding a subtle grey or blue colour scheme.

Top Billing Carli Prinsloo House

Carli explains how they created the mouldings and the panelling to achieved this theme throughout their home
“We chose elaborate and decorative mouldings to fit the corners of some of the walls in our home and to draw the eye to focal points, like we did in the kitchen by the stove.

To add even more interest and to give the house the look we wanted, we panelled the lower section of the walls in every room. We did this ourselves and it took ages as we had to measure each wall and work out the size of each panel. But it paid off as the rooms now have an elegant, romantic atmosphere that we chose to enhance with subtle shades of blue and grey that flow from room to room.”

Top Billing Carli Prinsloo House

The French-inspired theme is complimented beautifully by the antique pieces featured throughout the house. And one very special antique piece is the 1860 armoire in the nursery that was passed down from Carli’s mom – adding an extra personal touch. The nursery is perfectly prepared for the new addition with the couple opting for dark wood and subtle pink.
To allow freedom in textile and accessory, the couple chose grey walls for their bedroom, and keeping to the theme of the house with a carved headboard.

Top Billing Carli Prinsloo House
With the pressed ceilings and chandeliers to frame the rooms in a classic, elegant style, the Prinsloos took the modern approach to letting in light and breaking open their interior spaces. Like removing the dining room/ kitchen wall.
Carli and Julian combined practical and creative skills to create a home that is forever Paris!

Photos: The Lightbulb 



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