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Top Billing tours a dream Olala Interiors home

Top Billing tours a Dolphin Coast luxury home

Top Billing Olala Interiors Dolphin Coast House

This estate winds through fifty hectares of indigenous coastal forest, with views of the Indian ocean breakers to one side and the Tongati River to the other. While the roof styles are consistent so no home jars against the environment, the interior designs are what set houses apart. As we’ve seen previously with Schane Anderson, her work stands out more than most, and it’s clear why she won this year’s Best Interior design, Private Residence Award.

Top Billing Olala Interiors Dolphin Coast House

Upon coming up the entrance stairs you are greeted by a luxurious bar area with beautiful pendent lights. It leads on to the formal lounge which is partially lit by two vast, hammered bronze candle holders. Emphasising sustainability, Schane chose wallpaper with water based colours, organic coatings and as much recycled fibre as possible. The use of gold and blue is used to recreate the beauty of the ocean and the sky.

Top Billing Olala Interiors Dolphin Coast House

Moving in to the dining area, the open line of sight from the kitchen to the living room makes for a free, holiday atmosphere. The use of wood (all sustainably sourced) helps the space transition from indoor to outdoor, though the lovely open feel can also be attributed to the structure itself.

In a climate where average highs reach twenty four degrees, right through the mid-Winter months, the house was designed to be airy and light by architect Nitesh Singh.

Top Billing Olala Interiors Dolphin Coast House

Heading upstairs you’ll find the bedrooms, though no two stand out more than that of the master room, and the princess of the castle’s place of rest.

Top Billing Olala Interiors Dolphin Coast House

As for the garden, landscape specialist Richard Duke-Norris has invested nine months in creating a series of gardens which make up a journey, from the beautiful walkway to the Khoi pond and the chipping and putting green. It’s become a ritual for the home owner to take a cup of coffee and wander around the garden sipping on his morning brew or take meandering garden walks with his daughter.

To The West, over the Tongati River, is where to catch the best evening scenes, safe in the knowledge that come most mornings look to The East and it will be full sun, once again

Photos: Grant Pitcher 

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