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Top Billing visits Swakopmund

Top Billing visits Swakopmund and stays in the incredible Strand Hotel

Nicknamed Swakop by the locals, Namibia's biggest coastal resort is a blend of German architecture in the shadow of the Namib Desert, with views of The Atlantic Ocean as far as the eye can see.

Top Billing Namibia Swakopmund

The name Swakopmund derives from names used by the original Namibians, the Herero, Nama and San, who each have a name for the town taken from the local river mouth.

Set on the Mole, a historic seawall, the Strand Hotel is the centre of a buzzing hub and attracts film crews, tourists and professionals from all over the globe.

Top Billing Namibia Swakopmund

According to General Manager Lance Hurly the stunning establishment is perfectly fitted to the stunning Bay, and the ocean plays an important part in the design. Upon entering the foyer with a 13 metre high atrium, it’s hard to miss the incredible Atlantic views.

Top Billing Namibia Swakopmund

The storied décor of the rooms and design, which have a German influence, have proven a big drawcard for visiting film-crews, and the nearby desert has served as a back drop for major international productions like Mad Max.
The easy flow of the hotel leads to three restaurants, a beer garden, bars, and sea terraces.

Top Billing Namibia Swakopmund

It’s not only the décor of the hotel that bears a German influence, the beer has taken on a few tips too. Uranium is the biggest export from this area these days, but the liquid gold brewed and served at the Strand Hotel is by far the tastiest.

Top Billing Namibia Swakopmund

As for the food, Chef Dawos Naobeb has his pick of fine, German butchers. From lamb to sirloin, sausage and chicken wings, there’s no shortage of delicious options. The Brewer and Butcher restaurant menu also features Namibia’s renowned venison.

It’s not all meet and beer though, the local seafood is exquisite and just over half an hour South of Swakopmund - Walvis Bay’s fishing fleet bring in first class oysters and Kingklip.

Top Billing Namibia Swakopmund

The Namibian coast supports among the largest populations of Brown Fur Seals, known to us as Cape Fur Seals, and tourism plays a big part in motivating for their protection.

Marine boat tours will get you up close with the incredible creatures, but you will need to keep an eye out for swooping gulls who might spy a treat they want.

If you don’t quite have your sea legs there are plenty of other action activities to enjoy, and duning is a must-try.

The Namib Naukluft Park has the oldest desert in the world, an estimated 43 – 50 million years old, and the dunes are protected, meaning you can only drive them with a guide. Wherever possible, 4x4s follow established tracks so as not to scar the sand unduly.

Top Billing Namibia Swakopmund
 These giants of the Namib stand thirty five storeys high and having the contrast of the flat, blue ocean there as a reference point, allows you to appreciate the scale of the land you’re in.

With such incredible natural beauty so nearby, Namibia is a must-see for any travel-keen South African!


Strand Hotel Swakopmund 


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